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Maintenance Program

Did you know that nearly 90% of all air conditioning breakdowns are avoidable? The secret to stopping these malfunctions isn’t actually a big secret—it’s regular preventative maintenance from professionals like those at Bruno Total Home Performance. We offer a complete air conditioning maintenance program in Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida that provides full inspections to catch repair needs early, and a tune-up to see that HVAC systems function ideally.

Annual air conditioning preventative maintenance is essential to the smooth operation of any HVAC system. An AC without proper maintenance frequently breaks, has a shorter service lifespan, drains extra electricity, and collects dust and debris that lower indoor air quality. When you sign up for a maintenance program, you’ll prevent issues while they can still be repaired and save thousands of dollars. Plus, you’ll ensure comfort not only for the immediate summer, but for years to come.

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Save Money and Prevent AC Malfunctions

In the Florida heat, approximately 50% of energy costs go to cooling a home. Our semi–annual tune–ups help keep your AC running in peak condition so those energy costs don’t rise sky high. Our tune–ups include a thorough 75 to 120 minute precision, 51–point air conditioning inspection.

Our Bruno–certified technicians are familiar with the difficulties the sub–tropical Florida climate creates for air conditioners, so you can trust your cooling system will receive the finest inspection and tune–up. No other company offers this detailed an inspection to catch system errors and avoid future breakdowns. Our technicians take the time to focus on all areas of your cooling system, so you’ll have the finest comfort.

Here are some of the steps of our regular inspection and tune–up:

  • Attic insulation inspection
  • Calibration of thermostat
  • Inspection and sealing of leaks as needed
  • Inspection and tightening of electrical connections
  • Removal of debris from the condenser unit
  • Evaluation of overall system energy efficiency
  • Cleaning of biological growth accumulation to improve air quality
  • Recharging of refrigerant if necessary
  • Checking and cleaning coils, filters, and ductwork for peak performance

There are many more detailed steps. All of them are aimed at the goal of making your HVAC system energy efficient, reliable, healthy, and capable of delivering long years of service.

Preventative Maintenance Is Beneficial for Your Health

According to the EPA, low indoor air quality is ranked as a top 5 environmental risk to public health. A poorly–maintained air conditioning system can lead to lower air quality and it puts your household health in jeopardy. An air conditioner accumulates dust over time, and a range of air pollutants that include VOCs, PBDEs, mold, pollen, pet dander, and radon can collect in the AC as well. Because our technicians are well–versed in the climate conditions of Florida, they know what pollutants can develop inside your HVAC system and where to look for them. Maintaining an HVAC system can ensure better indoor air quality all year round in your house.

Choose Bruno Total Home Performance and you’ll never be out of your comfort zone! We believe all home repair should be a stress–free experience, managed by skilled and intelligent technicians. Our customer–focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition. Arrange for regular HVAC maintenance with us today.