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Air Conditioning Services Include Ductless Systems

ductless-air-conditioningWhen we think of air conditioning systems, we usually think of traditional centralized models. They generate cool air in a single location, and then blow it into the various rooms in your home through a series of ducts. It’s the most popular type of system because it’s comparatively easy to install and does its job quite efficiently. But it’s not the only type of system out there, and if your home either can’t support a system of ducts, or suffers from problems that never seem to go away, it might be time for something new.

Enter the ductless air conditioning system, sometimes called a ductless mini-split. For homes without centralized air, or for home central air is a poor fit, it could be exactly what they need to make a big improvement in their quality of life. A reliable ductless AC service can be of great help in installing, repairing and maintaining them. Here’s a look at how it all works.

Multiple Units

Ductless systems don’t need ducts because they don’t use just one unit to cool the air. Instead, they employ multiple smaller units installed in different locations throughout the home. Each unit is charged with cooling one particular room or section, and each one can be turned on and adjusted independently of the others. (Many systems also feature universal controls, allowing you to operate all of the units from a single part of the home.)


Ductless systems cost more to install than centralized systems, since you need to install more than one unit in your home. In exchange, however, they offer three very important advantages.

  • No Ducts. A home that can’t support a duct system may have had to limp along with window box units to cool their home, or similar ineffective means of fighting off the heat. Ductless systems change that equation: providing comprehensive coverage without having to rely on ducts.
  • Precise Control. This falls more in the realm of a luxury than an advantage, but is no less notable for it. Say you’re cooking dinner in the kitchen and have something cooking on the stove. You want to turn the temperature down to compensate for the heat. But doing so with a centralized system would make the rest of house feel freezing, and other family members would be forced to endure the chill. Ductless systems allow everyone to set the temperature to suit their tastes, avoiding fights over the thermostat.
  • Take that concept to its logical conclusion, and the biggest advantage of ductless systems becomes apparent. You can turn off the air – or at least turn it down – in parts of the home that you aren’t using, while leaving it one in parts of the home that you are. That allows you to enjoy the full benefits of air conditioner without spending any more than you need to on energy costs.

For quality ductless air conditioning services in Naples, FL, call on the friendly professionals at Bruno Total Home Performance today to set up an appointment!

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