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Here’s What Separates an HVAC Contractor from an Amateur

professional-hvac-technicianYou don’t know the specifics, but you know that someone needs to look at your HVAC system—preferably sooner than later. It’s not working, or it’s making weird noises, or it’s just not doing what it’s supposed to. So, who do you call?

This is the scenario that many homeowners find themselves in just before calling for repairs on their heater or air conditioner. While some homeowners may be tempted to call up a local handyman, or a friend who “knows a thing or two” about air conditioners, we recommend skipping the risk and settling on a proper HVAC contractor. Here’s why:

HVAC Contractors Are Specialists, Not Generalists

A handyman will most likely have plenty of experience with general home construction and remodeling projects, doing everything from bathroom remodels to house painting. They might even have ten years of experience and a list of happy client referrals. But how much of that experience actually has to do with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning? We’re betting on “not a whole lot.”

On the other hand, you know that the combined experience, professionalism, and expertise of an HVAC contractor is all about HVAC and little else. Just imagine if you needed air conditioning repair and you saw two ads:

“General handyman who can do any type of home service.”

“HVAC contractor specializing in repair, maintenance, and installation.”

To minimize risk and get the absolute best return on your investment, choosing the HVAC contractor becomes the safest bet.

They Have Fully Stocked Trucks, Ready to Go

Here’s another thing a specialist will have: a truck fully stocked with all the tools and parts necessary to perform the job.

An all too common scenario occurs when a handyman or amateur comes to perform a job. They arrive with all of their tools, but plenty of them are for non-HVAC related projects. They inspect the situation, realize that it requires more than they anticipated, and then have to go away for a couple hours to go collect the necessary tools and parts. And if they don’t regularly carry those things in their truck to begin with, there’s no guarantee they know how to use them properly.

A proper HVAC contractor in Naples, FL will always arrive with the tools for the job, and they’ll be fully certified and experienced to use them. They understand the importance of your time, and nothing proves it better than showing up on time and ready to go.

They’re Licensed and Certified

We don’t doubt there are some amazing handymen out there, but you have to question their credentials when it comes to HVAC. HVAC systems require precise installation, repairs, and maintenance—one mistake can be the difference between a working AC and one that needs to be completely replaced (and that’s no exaggeration—a badly sized air conditioner is a huge mistake!).

An HVAC contractor can verify their knowledge with various licenses and certifications. These stand as proof that they truly know and understand HVAC systems, how to install them, and all the other little details like electrical and building codes, environmental regulations, and so much more. Settling for an amateur without any kind of certification or license is just asking for problems.

Need licensed, certified, HVAC contractor? We can help! Contact Bruno Total Home Performance today to schedule services with a professional.

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