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An Honest HVAC Contractor Would Never Do These 3 Things

hvac-salesmanShady contractors have existed since the beginning of time. Luckily, the internet exists to let us immortalize their tactics as a warning to potential HVAC system owners. In this post, we’ve listed three things that an honest and trustworthy HVAC contractor would never do.

Recharge your refrigerant without fixing the leak

A reputable HVAC contractor in Naples, FL will never tell you that your unit just needs a recharge of refrigerant. Yet, this is common because many people simply don’t know how refrigerant works.

Refrigerant, like the name brand Freon, is a chemical in your system that facilitates the whole air cooling process. Without it, the air conditioner wouldn’t work. A common misconception is that refrigerant is like a fuel, something that runs out and needs to be “recharged” every now and then.

In truth, the refrigerant is never supposed to be used up like this. The AC uses the perfect amount, no more and no less.

Now keep in mind, your unit can run low on refrigerant, but that would be due to a leak. If this is the case, the HVAC contractor should be offering to recharge the refrigerant and to fix the leaks. If the leak isn’t fixed, your system is still in danger.

Size your AC by “rules of thumb”

Air conditioners are extremely efficient when perfectly configured for your home. The way to do this is through a series of load calculations, which considers everything from the square footage of your home to the number of windows, to the amount of sunlight that beats down on your home every day. As you can imagine, it’s something only a professional with experience can accomplish.

What you don’t want to see, then, is an HVAC contractor (or worse, an HVAC salesman) who is calculating your future AC system based on “rules of thumb” in a guidebook. This often leads to overestimating the size of the air conditioner, which then leads to short-cycling, an issue that forces your AC to turn on and off far too frequently. Likewise, under-sizing is also a possibility, meaning your AC will have to run continuously. There’s only one remedy for both problems, and no one wants to hear it: completely replacing the whole system.

Be unlicensed and uninsured

No, it’s not rude or insulting to ask a contractor for their license. A properly licensed HVAC contractor will have no problem showing you their license. It’s the mark of proof that they understand the ins and outs of HVAC systems, including important information like warranties.

If you allow an unlicensed and uninsured contractor to work in your home, you’ll be liable for the costs of any injuries or damage that they incur. There will be no way for you to recover those costs. Plus, if they happen to damage someone else’s property, you’ll still be the one held liable.

There are plenty of licensed and insured contractors out there; there’s no reason to settle on one without these basic requirements.

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