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Common Electrical Problems and How to Avoid Them


As a homeowner, you’re always trying to determine what’s a real problem versus just an annoyance. Let’s say you have lightbulbs burning out in the same fixture more frequently than you think they should. Is this a serious problem or not? The short answer is: it depends. The longer answer is you may need to consult with a professional electrician to determine the exact cause and the best solution. To that end, we’ll look at three common electrical problems below and how to avoid them.

3 Common Electrical Problems

There can easily be either a simple or more complex cause for each of the situations below. The problem, however, is determining the difference between the two. Serious electrical problems cannot be taken lightly or ignored. If you find yourself needing to determine the appropriate solution for an electrical issue, always consult with an electrician in Naples, FL.

1. Dimming or Flickering Lights

The cause for flickering or intermittently dimming lights is relatively simple: There is a faulty connection somewhere in the electrical line. If it’s just one light doing this, the cause is likely a poor connection in the fixture. The danger in ignoring this is it can lead to arcing and eventually start a fire.

If you’re having problems with multiple lights, this likely indicates a problem with the main electrical line running into the house. This is potentially even more serious and needs to be dealt with by a professional immediately.

2. Lightbulbs Burning Out

The simple cause could be you’re buying poor quality light bulbs. Or, if you use light bulbs a lot in certain areas, they may just reach the end of their lifespan more quickly than others in your house. If it’s a recessed light that is burning out, it may be located too closely to insulation which is not allowing heat to dissipate as these lights are designed to cut off when they become too hot.

You’ll want to have an electrician troubleshoot the exact problem as the cause could also be a short within the fixture. You’ll need to replace it with one of higher quality or better suited to your lighting needs in this area.

3. Tripping Circuit Breakers

It’s a good sign when a circuit breaker trips because it indicates your electrical system shut down before sustaining serious damage. First, identify everything being powered at the time this happened. It’s common for hair dryers or microwaves to trip breakers when other appliances such as refrigerators or air conditioning systems are also running.

If this happens too often, however, you should consider installing an additional circuit breaker to decrease the load carried by the others at the circuit breaker box.

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