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Save Electricity This Winter with Smart Tips

electricity-savings-tipsPrudent homeowners are always keeping an eye on the bottom line, and nowhere is that more apparent than with electrical use. Electricity powers vital appliances in the home, including most heating systems in some form or another. When you add that to things like holiday lights, elaborate meal preparations, and the annual spectacles of holiday parades, bowl games, and movie marathons on TV, the electric bill can add up to quite a bit. You can help your own cause by following a few friendly tips that will cut down on your monthly costs, as well as easing the strain on many of your home’s most important appliances.

You may be practicing some of these tips already, but the more you can add to your routine, the better off your bottom line will be.

Use Timers and Program Your Thermostat

Most thermostats have a programmable feature that allows you to turn them on and off and adjust the temperature automatically throughout the day. If you’re not using that feature, you could be wasting a lot of electricity. Program your thermostat to turn the heat down when the family leaves for the day, then turn it on again twenty minutes before the first family member gets home. That saves energy during the day without skimping on the warm comfortable home you expect. Similar timers can be set up to turn your lights off and on automatically: especially outdoor lights which you might otherwise forget to turn off during the day.

LED Lights Are Effective

Old light bulbs are rapidly being replaced by LED lights, which use much less electricity while providing steady and reliable light. If you still use old-fashioned Christmas lights, now might be a great time to trade them up for some newer, more effective LED lights. (And they’re likely on sale with the new year here.) LED light bulbs can be purchased at most stores, and should be used to replace any older or less efficient types of light bulbs in your house.

Get Your Heating System Serviced

The weather in Florida is warm most of the year, which can lead many of us to neglect or ignore our heating systems until they’re needed. Unfortunately, that can lead to a lot of wasted energy, as little issues like clogged burners and loose wires can force the heater to work harder than it should. We recommend scheduling servicing sessions for your heating system once a year to take care of such issues. In addition to helping your heater do its job without wasting electricity, it allows the technician to spot any potential repair issues before they get out of hand, and schedule repairs to treat the issue lest it cause a breakdown just when you need the system the most. Now is a great time to schedule maintenance service if you haven’t in the last year or so: letting your heater work at its best all winter long!

For heating and electrical services of all varieties in Naples, FL, call the experts at Bruno Total Home Performance today!

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