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Plumbers Need to Use the Best Technology

video-pipe-inspectionIf you called a plumber and he showed up with nothing but a plunger and a monkey wrench, how would you respond? Would you assume that he was a wise master of plumbing? Someone who could dislodge any clog, fix any leak, and repair any water heater with just these tools?

More likely, you would be wondering where the rest of his gear is. A good plumber in Naples, FL will show up with a truck full of tools and parts, prepared for any possibility.

While it’s true that “the tools don’t make the man,” the proper tools will save you a lot of time, money, and get your plumbing work done properly! A few tools that make all the difference are ones like:

Video Pipe Inspection Cameras

One of the most useful innovations in plumbing technology has to be the video pipe inspection cameras. While this technology isn’t new or anything, it has only become easier to integrate into the average plumber’s toolkit with recent advances in technology. These devices consist of a long cable with a camera lens at the end, allowing the plumber to see the insides of the pipes.

One shining example of where video pipe inspection comes in handy is with main line and sewer line repair.

Main lines and sewer lines are long pipes that run underneath the ground. If there’s a clog or leak in one of these pipes, the afflicted section of pipe must be excavated and replaced. The old-school way of doing this might include taking several educated guesses about where the problem lies—which means a lot of holes in your yard.

With video inspection, the line can be fed into the pipes until the obstruction or leak is found. Then, the location of it can be easily determined.


When you have clogged pipes, there’s really no way to go about it except with hydro-jetting. It’s just simply too effective.

Hydro-jets blast a stream of hot, highly-pressurized water into your pipes. Not only does this blast away any clogs, but it will also clean away any grime or substances that are conducive to clogs. With a regular hydro-jetting every year, it’s rare that you’ll ever experience a clog again.

In comparison to other kinds of drain-unclogging methods, it just doesn’t compare:

  • Drain-Snaking: Drain snakes consist of metal augers that are fed into the pipe, and then twisted around in an attempt to break up the obstruction. They can be effective, but the metal auger may damage your fixture or the pipes if you’re not careful. They also don’t have any abilities to clean the pipe.
  • Drain Cleaners: These are the chemicals they show on TV that are supposed to magically dissolve all the clogs in your pipes. It can certainly work in some cases, but it comes at a price. The corrosive elements in these cleaners are too aggressive and, if used too much, can create leaks in the pipes.

If you’re looking for a plumbing company whose plumbers show up with a fully stocked truck and the latest and greatest equipment, contact Bruno Total Home Performance today!

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