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Electricians in Naples, FL Offering Professional Electrical Services

Indoor plumbing and electricity were not givens in homes a hundred years ago. Now it is difficult to imagine any home lacking either—especially electricity. And over the past fifteen years, the electrical demand in homes has effectively doubled as charging stations, computers, and larger entertainment centers have placed higher demand than ever on residential electrical systems. For your home’s electrical system in Central or Southwest Florida, you want to have the best licensed professional electricians in Naples to work on it—no matter what service you require.

At Bruno Total Home Performance, our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition. We have licensed electricians who also have specialized Bruno certification as customer service specialists. This means you’ll receive far more than a skilled electrical job when you call us for service in Naples, FL. We want your customer experience to be best it can be from the moment it starts.

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A Few Services Our Electricians Offer

We are a full–service electrical contractor in Naples, FL, ready to come to your assistance no matter what you need. Here are only some of the electrical services we can provide:

  • Electrical wiring and rewiring: Wiring is the basis of any electrical system, and it needs occasional repairs, extensions, and rewiring—especially older homes relying on outdated wiring that cannot handle current electrical loads.
  • Electrical panels: The electrical panel is the "switching station" for the incoming electricity to a home, routing current to the household circuits. The electrical panel needs to remain in peak shape to protect the entire electric system. Our electricians can repair or update panels as needed.
  • Attic and ceiling fans: Electrical services can help make your home more comfortable. Attic and ceiling fans will make a Florida home feel cooler without relying on the energy consumption of a central air conditioning system.
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting: Are you looking to update the lighting for your house, either indoors or outdoors? Or do you need repairs for flickering lights or faulty switches? We can do that.
  • Outlet upgrades: The standard two–prong or even three–prong outlets won’t cut it anymore. Call us for GFCI and AFCI outlet installations.
  • Home automation and security systems: Our technicians can wire your house up with the finest in automation and security that centralize your electrical and other systems.

Electrical Repair and Electrical Maintenance in Naples, FL

Something important to know about electrical systems is that, aside from basic tasks like changing a lightbulb or resetting a flipped circuit breaker, only licensed electricians should work on them. Every locality has its own version of the National Electrical Code (NEC), and it’s the job of professional electricians to know the local version of the code so they can keep a home up to it and everyone in it safe.

Calling us for your home’s electrical repair service and regular electrical maintenance is an investment in protecting your home and family, as well as ensuring your electricity will work when you need it. Bruno Total Home Performance is here to handle your electrical repairs and other services, and our electricians will reach you in two hours or less.