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Attic Fan Services in Naples, FL

Handling the Florida heat in a home is a big job—easily the largest comfort job a household faces during the year. Air conditioning, dehumidifiers, and a properly maintained ventilation system are all important parts of the defense against the sweltering and humid conditions that last through spring, summer, and often into fall. But there’s one important tool missing from many homes, one that can make a significant difference in comfort and expenses: the attic fan.

How does an attic fan improve hot weather conditions in a house? We’ll explain below, or you can contact Bruno Total Home Performance and talk to one of our technicians to learn the details. We’re happy to schedule installation services or repairs and maintenance for attic fans in Naples, FL and elsewhere in Central and Southwest Florida. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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What Purpose Does an Attic Exhaust Fan Serve?

Putting a fan in the attic may not sound as if it will do much good for the rest of the house. You don’t often go up into the attic, after all. But if you do venture up there on a sunny summer day, you’ll start to understand how attic fan installation can help. On even a moderately warm, sunny day, an attic is roasting hot, more than 130°F! And this heat won’t stay put: it seeps downward into the rest of the house, raising the temperature sometimes as much as 10°F. Insulation in the attic slows it down, but it’s hard to stand up against 130°F temperatures.

What an attic vent fan does is push out this heated air to the outside. The intense heat naturally moves to a less hot area: instead of making this area the rest of your house, the attic exhaust fan sends it to the outside and balances the two temperatures. The cooled down attic means a cooler rest of the house. The difference in 10°F often means the difference in whether you turn on your air conditioning system or not, so you’ll also save money with attic fans in place.

Attic Fans Are Useful in Cooler Weather

There are some advantages of having attic fans in cooler weather as well. Moisture rises in a home from showers, baths, and cooking, and this can become a problem during the winter. When the moistures enter into the attic, it cools down and starts to collect as water in the roof material. Over time, this will promote mold and mildew growth and lead to damage to roofing materials. Attic fans exhaust this moisture outside and give your roof a long lifespan.

Arranging for Attic Fan Installation and Other Services in Naples, FL

An attic fan may be the final ingredient you need for an energy efficient and comfortable house during the summer (with some cooler weather benefits as well). At Bruno Total Home Performance we’d love to help you take advantage of attic exhaust fans, and we’ll help you through every step of the process: we want you to have a great experience with us. We also repair and maintain attic fans so they serve long lifespans. Contact us in Naples, FL today for quality comfort from people who know Florida weather.