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Ceiling Fans in Naples, FL

The sight of a fan spinning on a ceiling is something people almost expect to see inside restaurants and other commercial spaces. But ceiling fans are excellent to have in homes as well, especially in a hot and humid climate such as in Central and Southwest Florida. Ceiling fans provide relief from heat without relying as much on an electricity-draining air conditioning system. They can also add a beautiful visual touch to a room.

Installing ceiling fans is something you’ll want professionals to handle, and you’ll find the people with the finest skills here at Bruno Total Home Performance. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition, and we take pride in our cutting edge technology. We’ve grown from a small company to one of Florida’s leading HVAC and electric contractors, with more 250 employees and 90 vans on the road serving Naples, FL and the surrounding areas.

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The Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans on their own are attractive pieces of design for rooms, especially ones with high ceilings. But the principle reason to install fans is the comfort they provide using only a small amount of electricity—at least small compared to standard central air conditioning systems.

What a ceiling fan does is move air around the room by pushing down the air from the ceiling to create a constant breeze through the space. This doesn’t lower the temperature of a room (which is why you shouldn’t run a fan in an unoccupied room), but it removes the heat envelope from around the human body and makes people feel cooler. It’s wind–chill factor, but working in your favor. On average, people in a room will feel 8°F to 10°F cooler thanks to ceiling fans, and that means less need to run the air conditioning system. Which in turn means excellent savings during a Florida summer, because a ceiling fan consumes a fraction of the electrical power.

Ceiling Fans Work for Cooler Weather

You don’t have to turn off your ceiling fans when the weather cools down in Florida to where you don’t need the AC and may even need to have the heater running. (Hey, it happens.)

Modern ceiling fans can run in reverse direction (there’s a switch on the base on the fan to switch the rotation of the fan blades), and in that setting they can help a room with the distribution of warmth. When the blades turn this direction, they draw air up from the room and force the air gathered at the top of the room downward. Because heat gathers at the highest part of a space, using a ceiling fan helps to spread the heat faster around the space. Think of a ceiling fan as partnered with the heating system—or the natural heat already there—for quicker and more even comfort distribution.

We Also Offer Ceiling Fan Repair in Naples, FL

You can depend on our customer service–focused and technically skilled professionals to provide you with a great ceiling fan installation. But you can also turn to them when you need ceiling fan repair. If you notice a fan becoming loose and wobbling, contact us and we’ll be there to fix it. Bruno Total Home Performance is dedicated to the finest in customer service, and your comfort is our business. For all your comfort needs, whether air conditioning, heating, or electrical service, contact us in Naples, FL and leave the rest to our Bruno certified team.