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Central Vacuum Systems in Naples, FL

Maintaining a clean home is important to you, and regular vacuuming is part of this. But nobody likes vacuuming, and it’s a chore most of would rather put off until another day and another day, and so forth. Unfortunately, with the way dust builds up inside Florida homes that have to stay sealed from the outdoor heat, you can’t keep procrastinating with vacuuming. There’s a way to make the job less burdensome, and even help with making your household air less dusty: a central vacuum system. You’ll require professional electricians with HVAC experience to install one as well as maintain and repair it.

Bruno Total Home Performance is a full-service electrical contractor with licensed electricians ready to help you out in Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida. We’ll arrive at your home in two hours or less, ready to go to work. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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What a Central Vacuum System Is

A central vacuum system transforms a house into a vacuum. Or at least it creates a household ventilation system that serves as a central collection point for a vacuum. A series of outlets are placed into rooms around the house, each outlet containing a power connection and an air duct. The ducts from these outlets all connect to a central vacuum motor and collection bag, which is usually located in the garage, basement, or outside.

To use the system, you carry a lightweight hose attachment from room to room and connect it to the vacuum outlet there. The motor turns on automatically and provides suction for the hose. You can vacuum the local area, and all the dust and debris are carried to the central collection point. When you’re done, simply detach the hose and move to the next room. Later you can empty the collection bag.

Advantages of Central Vacuum Installation

The major benefit of having a central vacuum system in your house is it eliminates most of the hassle of cleaning rooms. You don’t have to lug around a large power vacuum to provide effective cleaning, nor do you have to rely on a lightweight mini–vacuum that can’t provide sufficient suction. If you live in a multi–story home, a central vacuum is even more helpful, since there’s no lugging a vacuum up and down staircases.

There’s also an air quality benefit: standard vacuums spread around dust as they operate, but a central vacuum moves all the debris to a remote location, keeping down dust levels. For homes with allergy sufferers, this can make a big difference.

Contact us for Central Vacuum Repair and Other Services in Naples, FL

If you already have a central vacuum system installed, it may require repairs from time to time, such as when one of the outlets loses its electrical connection. For repair work, make sure you look to people like the technicians at Bruno Total Home Performance, who are both skilled with electrical repair work and ventilation systems. We’ll see this important labor–saving device in your house gets back to doing what it does best. Our electricians are at the cutting edge of the best in technology and are dedicated to your satisfaction in Naples, FL and the surrounding areas.