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GFCI and AFCI Outlets in Naples, FL

The outlet: it’s the source of power for most appliances, chargers, and gadgets around your home. The outlet has changed over the decades as electrical needs and safety requirements have changed, so the old two-prong outlet has long been replaced by the three-prong grounded outlet. But there have been further developments since then, and today GFCI and AFCI outlets help increase electrical safety in buildings. If your home doesn’t have either type of outlet installed, we recommend you schedule the service with our licensed electricians at Bruno Total Home Performance right away.

Why should you turn to us, rather than another electrical contractor in Naples, FL or the surrounding areas? There are many reasons, but our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University is what truly set us apart from the competition. We aim to add value to every one of our customer relations, and we’ll arrive at your home in two hours or less when you contact us for service.

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The GFCI Outlet

GFCI stands for ground–fault circuit interrupter. You’ve probably already seen this type of outlet before in commercial buildings or in other homes. It resembles a standard three–prong outlet, but with two buttons in the center, marked "test" and "reset."

The purpose of a GFCI outlet is to protect people from receiving high voltage shocks from the outlet or any device plugged into it. Unlike a circuit breaker, which is designed to protect the electrical system, a GFCI outlet is a safety precaution for the people in the house. If the GFCI outlet monitors a change between the current from the hot side and the neutral side of the outlet, it means electricity is reaching the ground through another source—probably through a person. The circuit immediately cuts out to stop the flow and prevent electrocution. You want to have GFCI outlets in all rooms that use water as well as all rooms where people sleep.

The AFCI Outlet

AFCI stands for arch–fault circuit interrupter. This is an outlet that monitors short circuits inside the outlet’s wiring. If electricity begins to leap between two wires where it shouldn’t it’s known as an arc. If this occurs, an AFCI instantly cuts the circuit. This protects against the electrical fires that can occur inside an outlet. The National Electric Code has required AFCI outlets for most residential outlets since 2014 to lower the number of house fires. Although the NEC isn’t nationally enforced, each jurisdiction uses it to decide on its own local electrical code—and most agree on the importance of the AFCI outlet.

We Offer Outlet Installation and Repair in Naples, FL

For an older home, it’s important to remember to make the upgrade to both GFCI and AFCI outlets for your safety. To schedule these installations, contact the licensed electricians at Bruno Total Home Performance. They’ll arrive at your home in a short time and get to work putting in the new outlets where they need to be. And if you already have upgraded outlets, you can put your trust in the Bruno Total Home Performance team of electricians to take care of repairs when you notice scorching or a failed outlet. Your safety is our business in Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida.