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Home Security Systems in Naples, FL

You can never have too much security when it comes to maintaining a safe home. The days of basic locks and simple alarms have vanished, and now special security systems monitoring the entire house and controlling lights and door locks and monitoring motion offer a level of safety and peace of mind that was impossible before.

Because of how vital home security is for your peace of mind and the protection of your family, you want to ensure you have the best system installation. Bruno Total Home Performance is here to provide it. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition. We guarantee that each of our electricians will perform the job thoroughly so you can enjoy security around the year in your home in Naples, FL or elsewhere in Central and Southwest Florida.

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Benefits of a Professionally Installed Home Security System

It used to be that the standard home security system simply consisted of blaring alarms—alarms that often went off for no reason and created serious noise pollution. But new home security systems are computerized, centralized, and offer many ways to alert you or local security companies of issues. A security system can automatically lock doors and windows on a schedule, or permit you to remotely access the locks so you can see if doors and windows are shut and activate the locks if you forgot.

New security systems offer superb peace of mind, since you can know conditions in your home through a central control, and access it from almost anywhere you have a satellite or Internet connection. Many also come with motion and sound sensors so you always know what’s going on in your house.

Home Security Installation Service

What type of home security system do you want? Or type do you need? It’s our job to help you find the answers to both, which are often different. For example, you may not realize the importance of lighting control when it comes to protecting a home.

Our professionals know how to specially customize a home security system to meet particular needs as well as budgets. They can integrate the home security system into a broader home automation system that controls temperature, humidity, interior and exterior lighting, and which sends alert messages to your mobile devices when an issue crops up. You never have to feel as if you’re far from your home when you have the right security system installed.

Contact the Electrical Professionals in Naples, FL

As with setting up a home automation system, it requires skilled electricians to wire up and customize a home security system. The electricians at Bruno Total Home Performance are licensed, highly experienced and trained, and specialize in many electrical services, including home automation and security systems. You can not only depend on our Naples, FL electricians to set up a reliable security system for your house, but also to come to your assistance when you require repairs for it. We offer 24/7 emergency electrical services throughout Central and Southwest Florida. We are dedicated to ensuring that your equipment is up and running efficiently and effectively.