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Surge Protection Services in Naples, FL

The words power surge are scary ones for anyone with precision electrical equipment in their home. A voltage spike can mean a valuable computer fried and data lost, or an expensive entertainment system ruined beyond repair. It can also mean a black out. But you can defend your home from the effects of a power surge with the right type of installation. Power strips are helpful, but to protect your equipment from major surges (think of lightning) the best approach is to schedule whole-house surge protection installation with a licensed electrician.

For surge protection in Naples, FL and the surrounding areas, Bruno Total Home Performance is the local contractor to call. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition. We strive to reach customers within two hours and offer the finest in service.

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The Source of Power Surges

A power surge (also known as a voltage spike) can come from a variety of sources inside and outside a home. Lightning is one source people often think of when they hear about damaging power surges. In many parts of the country, a lightning strike isn’t one of the more serious worries for damage to an electrical system. In Florida, however, it is. In fact, concern about lightning damaging valuable equipment in a home is one of the main reasons people are interested in having whole–house surge protection installed. Other external source of power surges are downed power lines (again, too common an occurrence in a place that receives tropical storms) and accidents at power plants.

Internal surges are usually because of powerful appliances placing a sudden large demand on the electrical circuit. In Florida’s hot and humid weather, the air conditioner is the usual culprit behind this type of surge. If you notice the lights in your house briefly dim when the AC’s compressor switches on, that’s the result of a power surge.

Why Whole–House Surge Protection Is the Best Route

You might think your home will be fine when it comes to voltage spikes because you have power strips attached to the outlets. But power strips are not enough—especially when something as powerful as a lightning bolt elevates the voltage. This level of power can easily leap through a point–of–use power strip and cause damage to sensitive equipment.

We aren’t telling you to toss out your power strips; they do serve a function and provide a layer of protection for the most valuable of your home appliances. But it’s risky to rely on them alone. A whole–house surge protector can handle massive voltage spikes before they have a chance to reach any appliances, lights, or outlets.

Professional Surge Protection Installation in Naples, FL

How does a whole–house surge protector actually operate? It’s integrated into the electrical panel of the home, and what it does is route excess voltage away from the circuits of the electrical system and instead runs it into the ground under the home. Effectively, it offers the surge an easier grounding, which it will take, and stay away from the rest of the electrical system.

It takes professional electricians to install and service a surge protector, since it requires working directly with the electrical box. If you live in Central or Southwest Florida, call Bruno Total Home Performance at our Naples, FL office to arrange for whole–house surge protection services. Our licensed and specially trained technicians are glad to help you live in better comfort and convenience.