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Whole House Generators

If you’ve lived in this area for any length of time, then you know that our power grid isn’t as reliable as it should be. In many areas across the country, including here, the power infrastructure is aging and dilapidated. Blackouts occur at least a few times a year, and with the added threat of hurricanes, things are that much worse. There is little that you as a homeowner can do about the state of the power grid. However, you can do something to mitigate the effects of power outages on your own home. The best way to ensure that your home is properly protected from power outages is to install a whole house generator.

Bruno Total Home Performance provides comprehensive whole house generator services throughout Naples, FL. If you need whole house generator services of any kind, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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How a Whole House Generator Works

A whole house generator is a pretty heavy duty piece of equipment, but it’s worth installing if you want to keep the lights on in an emergency. Basically, a whole house generator is a generator with enough output to power the entire home for an extended period of time. Unlike portable gasoline generators, which are meant to partially power a home for a few hours during a blackout, whole house generators are meant to deal with the kind of extended outage caused by things like tropical storms.

The generator is permanently installed on the property, usually in its own housing in the yard. Rather than needing to be refilled with fuel as it runs, the generator usually has its own dedicated natural gas line. This allows it to operate independently, which is a vital part of ensuring uninterrupted power.

Many whole house generators are also automatic. They monitor the power flowing into the home’s system, and turn on when they sense that the flow has stopped. This makes it easier for you, since you don’t have to go outside in the dark, or in dangerous storm conditions, to turn on the generator when the power goes out.

Why Installing a Whole House Generator is a Good Idea

Power outages are more than simply inconvenient in a place like Florida. They can be downright dangerous, especially for people who need power for things like medical equipment. Even if losing your power doesn’t put you in personal danger, it will certainly make things a lot less convenient while you’re waiting for the blackout to end. If you don’t want to deal with being without power for an extended period of time a few times a year, we recommend installing a whole house generator.

We Install and Service The Best Whole House Generators

Bruno Total Home Performance installs and services the best whole house generators in the Naples area. These include Cummins generators, which provide excellent coverage to homes. If you’re looking for a solid system that will keep your home up and running during a blackout, call us today to schedule an appointment. We can find the perfect generator solution to meet your needs.