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Electrical Wiring and Rewiring in Naples, FL

The electrical system of any home is a complex affair. At the core of it is the wiring, the way the electrical current is carried to the appliances and fixtures around the home. Bad wiring can mean failed lights and dead appliances. It can also create far worse problems, such as short circuiting and even electrical fires. When you have wiring needs in your home, whether to install a new appliance like a wall-mounted television or to replace aging wires that can’t keep up, call a licensed electrician for the service.

Bruno Total Home Performance is a local HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractor headquartered in Naples, FL and offering service throughout Central and Southwest Florida. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition. Contact us, and we’ll dispatch a licensed electrician in a fully stocked van to your house to solve all your wiring issues.

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Signs It’s Time for Electrical Wiring Repair

How can you tell there are wiring problems occurring in your home that need professional work? Look for some of the following signs that you ought to call our electricians:

  • Flickering lights: It looks spooky, but the problem isn’t that your house is haunted. It usually means bad wiring is responsible. There are other possibilities, but you’ll need an electrician to diagnose them.
  • Charring marks on outlets and switches: If you see reddish discoloration on the covers to light switches and outlets, it means wiring trouble created an electrical fire. Don’t use the outlet or switch, and instead call an electrician for assistance.
  • Constantly tripping circuit breakers: When you find yourself regularly resetting tripped circuit breakers, the issue may lie in bad wiring. Have an electrician take a closer look and see what needs to be done.

Electric Meter Repair and Replacement

Unfortunately, many homes in our area may have outdated electrical systems and could be in need of replacement for key components, such as their electric meters. Your electric meter operates by measuring the amount of electricity that your home uses through kilowatts per hour.

Your electric company uses this as a measurement of billing. If this system needs repair or replacement, it’s vital that you have the work performed by a trained and qualified professional electrician. Failing to do so can not only be time–consuming and costly—especially if mistakes are made—but can be dangerous. 

Do You Need Rewiring for Your Home Wiring?

The earliest electrical wiring for homes was crude knob and tube wiring using exposed wires draped around porcelain knobs. Although you hardly ever see this wiring any more, there are still many outdated wiring systems in homes with insufficient electrical loads and insulation. (We do work on knob and tube wiring, by the way.) In these situations, it’s strongly advised you arrange for professionals to rewire the house to meet current electrical code standards for safety. You will not only have a safe home, but you’ll be able to support all the appliances you wish to use.

Licensed Electricians in Naples, FL

Only a licensed electrician is capable of providing accurate and safe work on home wiring. Any house must meet the local implementation of the National Electrical Code, and it’s the job of professional electricians to understand the code and apply it on all jobs. The electricians at Bruno Total Home Performance are not only licensed and experienced with the electrical code, but they are also Bruno–certified through training at our own Bruno University to ensure you receive a level of excellent customer service that begins the moment you start working with us. We’ll arrive at your house in Naples, FL (or the surrounding areas) in two hours or less and be ready to deliver exceptional wiring work.