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Central Air Conditioning Systems in Naples, FL

Can you imagine living in Florida year-round, or even only in summer, without an effective air conditioning system to cool down your home? It’s hard to imagine. But not any air conditioner will do the job. For the cool conditions and energy efficient performance you need to deal with the hot weather, it takes a powerful central air conditioning system.

And not any air conditioning contractor will do when it comes to service for central air units. Whether you’re looking for a new split air conditioner installation or only fast repair work for a faulty central AC, you can entrust Bruno Total Home Performance with the job. We service ACs in Naples, FL and throughout Southwest and Central Florida. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition. Your comfort is our business!

Bruno Total Home Performance
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Finding the Right Central AC System Installation or Replacement

Installing a central air conditioning system, which requires indoor and outdoor units, is a large task—something you only want professionals with experience to handle. Something else to let HVAC professionals handle: finding the right type and size of central air unit to fit your home’s cooling needs. A poor installation job can mean numerous troubles down the road, from inefficient performance to harmful short–cycling leading eventually to an early replacement. Making sure an installation is done right the first time is a priority, and you can rely on our specially trained technicians to see you have the perfect new system set up to run at its best for years to come.

Common Central AC Repair

No matter how well central air units are installed or the quality of the system, they can run into trouble at some point, and that will require repairs from professionals. There are two AC problems that occur frequently in Florida:

  • Coil Corrosion: Our humid climate makes coil corrosion a serious issue. In fact, coil corrosion is responsible for around 40% of equipment failures. As corrosion weakens the coil, it allows refrigerant to escape, and this often requires replacing the whole system.
  • AC Leaking Water: Water leaking out of an air conditioning unit often means there is mold and algae in the drain line creating blockages and backups in the condensate pan. This water can cause expensive repair issues and it needs to be addressed right away.

Our repair technicians can help fix these and other troubles. However, we recommend you arrange for regular maintenance with us, which can easily prevent corrosion, leaks, and other common AC problems. Our maintenance program is excellent, offering an extensive 56–point inspection annually.

Call Our Naples, FL Office for Fast Service

No matter what you’re looking for when it comes to central air conditioning services, you’ll find the talent and technology at Bruno Total Home Performance. Our #1 priority is adding value to our relationship with customers. We want to be at every appointment within a two–hour window. If our technicians don’t arrive within two hours, you’ll receive a free maintenance agreement. Contact our offices today to have any questions you may have answered, or to schedule service to ensure you always have a cool home when you need it.