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Evaporative Coolers in Naples, FL

The standard air conditioning system found in homes and businesses today is a refrigerant-based system. But this is not the only choice when it comes to cooling. There is also the evaporative cooler, which uses water to lower air temperature. Also known as swamp coolers, evaporative coolers provide a number of excellent benefits when matched up to the right home and can significantly reduce cooling costs over the year.

Is an evaporative cooler a good fit for your house? Or do you already have an evaporative cooler and need to arrange for repairs or regular maintenance for it? Whatever the situation, call on Bruno Total Home Performance in Naples, FL to schedule your swamp cooler services. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition: our #1 priority is adding value to our relationships. Call us to schedule your air conditioning service and find out what a difference we can make.

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How an Evaporative Cooler Works

A refrigerant–based air conditioner circulates its chemical refrigerant between two sets of coils, evaporating to absorb heat from indoors and condensing to release the heat outdoors. An evaporative cooler works on a simpler principle, which is the evaporative cooling that occurs when air moves over water. You’ve felt this effect if you’ve experienced a cool breeze coming off a lake or the ocean on a hot day. The heat in the air is lost to the water.

In an evaporative cooler, a fan draws in air from the outside and passes it over a series of dampened pads. A pump circulates water through the pads to keep them wet. The air loses heat to the pads and continues into the ventilation system, cooled down from the heat outside.

Why Consider Installation of a Swamp Cooler?

Because a swamp cooler uses far fewer mechanical parts to run and doesn’t have to power a condenser, it consumes less energy on average than standard air conditioning systems. The more a home relies on a swamp cooler, the more money it will save. Evaporative coolers also help with humidity balance in a home under drier conditions, something that refrigerant–based systems don’t do.

However, not all homes are suited to using the power of an evaporative cooler. In some cases it won’t provide the cooling necessary, or it may not be suited to humidity levels. Make sure that you only work with professional HVAC installers if you’re interested in a swamp cooler. They’ll make certain you end up with the right system to meet your needs.

We Offer Services for Evaporative Coolers in Naples, FL

Although evaporative coolers are less complex devices than standard air conditioners, they require special attention each year from maintenance technicians. Unless an evaporative cooler receives regular inspections and tune–ups, it’s at risk of developing mold, mildew, and corrosion. You can count on our technicians for regular maintenance service as well as repairs for your swamp cooler.

At Bruno Total Home Performance, we keep at the cutting edge of current technology, so you can trust us with handling evaporative cooler installation and any other service you may need. We offer complete air conditioning service to Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida.