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Dual Fuel Systems in Naples, FL

One of the more popular indoor comfort systems used for Florida weather is the heat pump. It makes perfect sense for the seasons here, since a heat pump works as a powerful air conditioner during the long hot stretches, but can switch into an energy-saving heating mode during the occasional cold spells. A heat pump isn’t a perfect machine, however, and can sometimes encounter cold spells that strain its energy efficiency. To deal with this, a dual fuel heat pump is often a better idea.

But how can you tell if your home needs a hybrid heat system instead of a standard heat pump? That’s easy: call on our HVAC professionals at Bruno Total Home Performance. We work with all types of air conditioners and heaters and have the experience to do the best job every time. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition. We offer service in Naples, FL and throughout Southwest and Central Florida.

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A Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System: How It Works

A standalone heat pump works similarly to an air conditioner, except that when in heating mode it draws heat from outdoors and moves it indoors (the reverse of what it does when in cooling mode). Although there is always some heat present for a heat pump to absorb from outdoors, the cooler the weather, the harder the heat pump must work. This can mean a drop in heat pump efficiency on some days.

What a hybrid heat dual fuel system does is overcome this efficiency drop by using a secondary heater to make up the temperature difference. The second heater is usually a gas or propane furnace. When the heat pump begins to suffer from an efficiency drop, the second heater kicks in to help out, and then turns off when its work is completed.

Dual Fuel Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

Many homes here in Naples, FL and the surrounding areas can survive the year with a basic heat pump in place. But when you are looking for an AC/heater installation for your home, you want to be confident you have a system that performs at the best energy efficiency around the year. To find out if this means a heat pump or a hybrid heat pump, look to our technicians. They’ll perform a heat load calculation to determine what kind of HVAC system will meet your needs. You can also look to them for a replacement for your hybrid heat pump when the time comes.

We Offer Hybrid Heat Pump Repairs and Maintenance

A dual fuel system presents a challenge when it comes to repairs, since it combines two separate heating systems. If one or the other fails, it will take professionals to repair it so it starts running again—and runs safely. Keeping the system in good shape also requires regular maintenance service. Our technicians can take care of both these jobs. Our maintenance contracts are among the best in the business!

Bruno Total Home Performance is the company to contact in Naples, FL and elsewhere to handle installing and servicing your hybrid heat pump. It’s our goal to add value to each of our customer relationships!