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Zone Control Systems in Naples, FL

Central heating and air conditioning is a wonderful invention for homes, allowing a single furnace or air conditioner to send comfort to many rooms at once through a network of ducts. However, there is a drawback to standard central HVAC systems, which is that they send heating and cooling to all the rooms whenever they turn on, regardless of whether the room needs it or not. This is something like having every light in a house turn on when a single switch is flipped; it’s convenient, yes, but wasteful and rarely necessary.

Technology exists to remedy this problem. Zone control systems put the power to manipulate the temperature in individual rooms (or zones) independent of the others. Our technicians at Bruno Total Home Performance can install zone heating and cooling for your home, or retrofit your current HVAC system with zone controls. Rely on us to handle your home comfort upgrades in Naples, FL. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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How Zone Air Conditioning and Heating Works

To divide a house into separate zones for heating and cooling requires a number of additions to the HVAC system. The principle improvement is placing dampers into the ducts. These dampers close off to seal a section of ductwork leading to a vent. Each damper has a local thermostat to operate it and sense the temperature in the zone. The thermostats connect to a central control panel that monitors all the zones.

When a specific thermostat makes a request for heating or cooling, the damper to the zone opens and the HVAC systems starts operating. As the various zones reach their set temperatures, the dampers shut off and the blower fan adjusts to maintain proper air pressure. When all requests are met, the HVAC system shuts down once again.

The Benefits of a Zone Control System

You can probably imagine most of the major advantages of using zone control heating and cooling in a home. Here are some of the specific ones:

  • Savings: Since the HVAC system only expends the time and energy necessary to send conditioned air to the rooms that require it, utility bills will drop. This will be especially noticeable in large homes.
  • Personal comfort: Zone controls eliminate "thermostat wars" between people in a household who want different temperature settings. Everyone can adjust the local temperature to meet their needs.
  • More even temperatures: Using zone control allows for a more even distribution of heating and cooling, rather than letting all of the rooms build up to the same temperature at once.

We Offer Zone Heating and Cooling Service in Naples, FL

At Bruno Total Home Performance we take great pride at being on the cutting edge of HVAC technology. That’s why we can provide you with top–quality service to install, repair, and maintain a zone control system in your home. Our technicians are focused on seeing you have a great customer service experience from the moment the work starts.

If you have further questions about zone controls, or you are ready to schedule service in Naples, FL or elsewhere in Southwest and Central Florida, contact our offices. Your comfort is our business!