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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Naples, FL

Something that often comes up when talking about the poor air quality found in homes is the lack of ventilation. Because houses are constructed today with powerful insulation—which is how they keep out heat during summer and trap heat during winter—fresh air circulation is limited. This leads to an increase in concentration of pollutants indoors, as well as imbalanced humidity. But there are methods to allow fresh air into a house without creating extra stress on either the home’s cooling or heating system. The most common are energy and heat recovery ventilators.

Bruno Total Home Performance has trained technicians to install and service energy and heat recovery ventilators in Naples, FL and elsewhere in Southwest and Central Florida. We are proud of our dedication to the best in current HVAC technology, and we aim to do best on each job. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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What Energy Recovery and Heat Recovery Ventilators Do

Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) are devices integrated into a home’s ventilation system. They draw outside air through a heat exchanger, where they also draw a current of indoor air. Through a process called counter–flow heat exchange, the two currents transfer heat between them. During a hot Florida day, for example, the fresh outdoor air loses its heat to the stale indoor air. The stale air is exhausted outside, and the cooled–down fresh air continues into the house. During cold weather, the direction of heat transfer reverses.

HRV and ERV systems work almost alike except for one important difference: an ERV also transfers moisture between air currents, and so can help with balancing humidity. The ideal ventilator for your house is something you should let an HVAC expert help you determine.

Benefits of an HRV and ERV System

As you can tell from reading the above description, an ERV or HRV system allows your home to "breathe" more without allowing in air that’s too hot or too cold. Imagine throwing open your windows on a hot Naples, FL summer day for some fresh air—but not having to worry about hot air flooding into the house.

The "recovery" part of the name is literal: you’re harnessing the energy you use to either heat or cool the air in your house, and then applying it to the fresh air you bring in. You can recover around 80% of the energy that would otherwise be lost because of ventilation to the outside. You save money on heating and cooling costs, and enjoy fresher, healthier air at the same time. (Plus, an ERV system may help keep humidity to more comfortable levels.)

We Offer ERV and HRV System Services in Naples, FL

It wouldn’t surprise us to learn that you’re interested in having either an energy or heat recovery ventilator installed in your home after reading about their benefits. We’re ready to start when you are!

Bruno Total Home Performance knows what it takes to make your home healthy and comfortable. And our service doesn’t stop after we install your HRV or ERV; we provide maintenance and repair work to keep these helpful devices operating for you year after year. Trust to our specially trained and friendly technicians to improve your household comfort and energy savings.