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Mold Remediation in Naples, FL

Each spring, allergy season arrives along with the increase in heat. As plants bloom, the pollen count in the air rises and triggers asthma and allergy symptoms among people. But pollen isn’t the only source of air quality problems at this time of year. In a place that grows as humid as Naples, FL, the development of mold at this time of year in our wet conditions creates large health hazards. Toxic mold spores are a leading cause of indoor air quality problems in this part of the country. Mold is also a danger to building material, causing wood rot and other problems.

Mold isn’t limited to spring. We have to deal with humidity issues throughout the year in Southwest and Central Florida. Getting rid of mold once it starts isn’t easy. When your home suffers from mold infestations in rooms or the HVAC system, call Bruno Total Home Performance for professional mold remediation services. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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The Problems of Mold

Mold can start growing in many places in a home—but it’s welcome in none of them. For example, mold often grows over the evaporator coil of an air conditioner or heat pump. This harms the unit’s ability to cool the air, places a "dirty sock" smell into the vents, and can spread unhealthy spores around the house. Mold develops often inside HVAC systems, where it’s dark and humid, and there’s no better place for mold to start harming the home’s indoor air quality.

There are many potential health problems due to mold growth, ranging from minor (headaches, wheezing) to severe. Some people are more sensitive to mold than others. It’s better not to take a risk, however: mold remediation is important for protecting your home and its residents.

Mold Remediation (a.k.a. Mold Abatement)

Mold remediation is an involved process that both removes mold and eliminates the moisture that allowed it to grow in the first place. Moisture management is an essential part of getting rid of mold and preventing its return. Once the water moisture and source of the water is removed, the experts isolate the area and use special brushes and detergent to remove the mold. There are different levels of remediation, and how much work is necessary at this point depends on the amount of mold. The process usually concludes with deodorizers to get rid of unpleasant moldy odor.

Experts Who Know Mold Remediation

Bruno Total Home Performance started as a small Florida air conditioning company and grew rapidly. We’re familiar with the particular challenges of the climate here in Naples, FL and the surrounding areas, and that includes understanding the dangers of mold growth and how best to remediate it. We train all of our employees ourselves to handle mold remediation to meet the highest quality standards—the standards that you set when you need the best possible job done. All of our employees are committed to protecting your household health and comfort, and they’re ready to answer all of your questions. We aim to add value to all of our relationships.