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Radon Testing and Mitigation in Naples, FL

The word radon is a frightening one for homeowners and business owners, indicating a lurking and invisible danger inside a building that creates major health complications. But radon is also misunderstood, often mistaken as a rare problem or something that won’t affect newer buildings. The truth is more upsetting: radon occurs through natural processes in the ground and enters the majority of homes. Sometimes it isn’t present at dangerous levels. If it is, it must have mitigation from specially trained professionals.

Bruno Total Home Performance offers comprehensive indoor air quality services for homes in Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida, and that includes complete radon testing and mitigation. All of us take the health of your family seriously. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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What Is Radon and Why Don’t I Want It in My Home?

Radon is a radioactive gas which results from the natural decay of uranium. We don’t need to go into the more scientific discussion of how radon forms—we only need to tell you that it’s unhealthy when present in large amounts inside your home.

Radon is a carcinogen and the cause of major health problems. It is the number one cause of lung cancer in non–smokers in the nation, and multiple studies have found a direct link between the presence of radon in homes and lung cancer cases. In many countries, the U.S. included, Radon accounts for 50% of the public’s exposure to naturally–occurring sources of radiation.

But My Home Doesn’t Have Radon!

Are you sure of that? Because it almost certainly does, at least at some level—although it might not be dangerous. Homes new and old, of different constructions, can have major radon problems. Radon occurs naturally from the uranium found in soil, and it seeps up from the ground into a house through cracks and gaps in the foundation, where it becomes trapped. It can also enter through well water. Proper ventilation for a home can take care of some amount of radon presence, but at higher concentrations it needs professional mitigation.

We recommend you arrange for radon testing when you move into a new home or are thinking of selling your current one. You should also test your home when your living patterns change and more people are occupying a lower level (where radon is at higher concentrations). If your radon test returns results below 4 pCi/L—a safe level—you should still have testing done every few years to see if the level has risen.

Schedule Radon Testing and Mitigation in Naples, FL

Radon isn’t easy to detect without professionally testing, and only mitigation services from trained technicians can reduce this dangerous gas to levels that are safe for you and your family. Bruno Total Home Performance knows what’s required to create a safe environment in your home, and we are at the cutting edge of the current technology for radon testing and mitigation. If you’re in a position where you believe you require radon testing and mitigation, contact us in Naples, FL and we’ll see you receive fast service that looks out for the health of everyone in your household.