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Plumbing Services Offered in Naples, FL and the Surrounding Areas

When you’re a plumbing service company that handles as many types of jobs as we do at Bruno Total Home Performance, we often field requests from customers who are uncertain if we take on specific jobs. However, it’s our pleasure to provide services in different fields that you won’t always find under a single company roof. These jobs include specialty services for plumbing, drains, heating, and cooling. Customers are priority #1 with us, and it’s our goal to add value to every one of our customer relationships.

Below are some of the specific services our plumbers provide to Naples, FL and the surrounding areas. To find out more, or ask about a service you don’t see listed here or elsewhere on our pages, you only have to contact us. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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Backflow Prevention Testing and Replacement

A backflow prevention device is an essential part of the plumbing for most commercial businesses and for some homes. You may not even know you have one. But if you do, you’ll receive an occasional notification from the city that the backflow preventer requires testing. This is because a backflow preventer is what stops fertilizer and other sources of contamination from entering the freshwater supply because of changes in pressure within the pipes. You must have a certified plumber conduct the testing, and we have the right people on staff. If your backflow prevention device doesn’t pass the test, we can arrange to repair or replace it.

Automatic Shut–Off Valves and Sump Pumps

These are defenses against a major Florida problem: flooding in homes. A sump pump is a way to have water automatically removed from the lowest part of your house should flooding start, which is usually down in the crawlspace. An automatic shut–off valve is designed to protect your home from a different type of flooding danger: a major plumbing accident. The shut–off valve closes the water main to your house in the case of a broken pipe or other fixture that might create flooding.

Gas Piping Services

People may not realize plumbers work on more than pipes transporting water. Our plumbers also install and repair gas lines, including flexible and metal lines. This is a task which you must leave to licensed professionals. In most jurisdictions it is against the law for anyone except a specially licensed professional to work on any line or appliance connected to a gas main. Keep your family safe and contact us when you need repairs for your gas lines or want to expand out your current natural gas use to new appliances.

There’s Plenty More Special Services in Naples, FL

Are you looking to have a slab leak detected and fixed? Require any sort of plumbing work for your bathroom or kitchen? Looking to have your entire house repiped? Do you have an emergency with your water line? Whatever the job, put in a call to Bruno Total Home Performance at our Naples, FL office and we’ll be on it. We strive to reach appointments within a two–hour window, and we’re always ready to get to work. You can trust to our specially trained and certified Bruno team throughout Central and Southwest Florida.