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Pool Equipment in Naples, FL

An in-ground swimming pool is a wonderful addition for a family home, and a great place for gatherings or relaxation—particularly in Naples, FL. But every great pool needs the right equipment, such as functional pool pumps, filters, and pool heaters.

Finding the right pool equipment is as easy as finding the right professionals to install and maintain it, which is where Bruno Total Home Performance comes in. We provide comprehensive pool equipment services and exceptional customer service beyond your expectations—contact us today!

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Turn to Us for Pool Pump Installation or Replacement

We can take care of every detail of your new pool pump installation so that you know the job is done right the first time. When you deal with the Naples, FL pool equipment experts on our team, you can count on us every step of the way, from helping you select a pool pump to the installation itself. Whatever size or shape your pool is, you need a great pump to ensure your water is clean and hygienic.

Of course, if you already have a pool pump in place, there may come a time where it simply is not able to function as it once did and you’ll need a replacement. If it’s making odd noises during operation, or failing to keep your pool clean, then it could certainly be time to consider this. In some cases we may be able to repair your pool pump, or it could be that the pool filter itself is clogged or damaged. However, if the pump is aging anyway, you’ll likely be better off with a new one.

We Service Pool Heaters throughout Naples, FL

Sure, it may be warm the majority of the year in our area, however, without a pool heater you can’t thoroughly enjoy your swimming pool all year–round. But the installation and service of such a piece of equipment must be conducted by a professional who is sufficiently trained and experienced. After all, when dealing with electrical components—especially those in such close proximity to water—safety is essential.

Any signs of trouble with your pool heater should be inspected by the pros, too. Our pool equipment professionals will thoroughly inspect your swimming pool heater, and are trained to handle whatever pool heater issues come our way. And when you need a replacement pool heater (after all, no piece of mechanical equipment lasts forever) we are the team to call!

Trust the Professionals for Your Pool Equipment Services

If you’ve been seeking a professional in the area to set up your swimming pool equipment, then you needn’t look any further than Bruno Total Home Performance. Before you start planning for your installation, give us a call. From start to finish, our qualified plumbers will make sure that every electrical component is working as it should, if you choose electrical equipment, or that your gas components are installed and serviced safely, if you go with gas–powered models.

A lot of money goes into your pool and its equipment, so you want to make sure the job is done correctly! It’s important that you do not rely solely on a pool equipment installation company that does not employ licensed and experienced technicians to deal with the electrical and/or gas lines that will be running underneath your property. You can count on our plumbers to do the job right!