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Water Leak Detection Services in Naples, FL

Although a plumbing system in a building consists of more than just pipes, those pipes do take up the majority of space. Without pipes, a building doesn’t have a way to transport freshwater or remove wastewater. Although pipe construction aims to make plumbing pipes durable, they can still suffer from leaks, whether because of decay, corrosion, abrasion, chemical reactions, or shifts in the building material. A leak in a pipe, no matter how small, presents a problem that must have professional correction. And that correction starts with first locating the leak so licensed plumbers can reach it.

Leak detection requires special skills and advanced tools. Bruno Total Home Performance has both—many times over. We take immense pride in our cutting edge technology and the special training we provide our licensed and insured plumbers who work in Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida. Call us when you need to find and fix a leak.

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The Tell–Tale Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

When a pipe under a sink breaks, you’ll find out about it fast. But most leaks that might occur in your home won’t appear so obvious, since piping hides behind drywall and flooring or in out of the way spots. How will you know to call for leak detection until the leak is starting to flood your house? Fortunately, some signs can warn you:

  • Rising water bills: Your monthly water use patterns shouldn’t vary much. When your bills show a strange rise in costs, it usually means a water leak somewhere.
  • Discoloration on walls: Even small pinhole leaks behind drywall will start to cause damage, and this will show up as spots of discoloration.
  • Lumps under carpet and warped floorboards: Does something seem amiss with your home’s floors? This might be due to water building up under them because of water leaks.
  • Mold and mildew growth: When you spot mold and mildew growing in spots of the house where there shouldn’t be moisture, it may be from hidden leaks.

Professionals and Water Leak Detection Methods

A plumber can often locate the area of a water leak through training and know–how. But even the best plumbers can’t be completely accurate, and that’s why they use advanced leak detection equipment. This is how a plumber can locate a leak with such precision that the repair can be done with the least amount of property disruption. Among the tools our plumbers use to ensure accurate leak detection are video pipe inspection equipment, ground listening devices, and thermal scanners.

Your Water Leak Repair Specialists in Naples, FL

You can easily find many plumbing contractors through an Internet search. So why consider us over the other options when you need to fix a leak? Our customer–focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition. It’s not enough for us to simply find and fix a water leak in your house. We want to add value to our relationship with you by treating your home with respect, arriving promptly for the service, and keeping up excellent communications. Pick us for all your plumbing services in Naples, FL, and we’ll see you never have reason to go anywhere else.