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Main Water Line Services in Naples, FL

When you turn on a faucet in your house or start a load of wash, you expect fresh water to arrive. It’s simply part of everyday life in a modern household. But for fresh water to reach fixtures and appliances, it has to first reach the home through the water main. This makes the water main possibly the most important piece of plumbing for a home. Basically, if you don’t have a working water line, you don’t have a working plumbing system or a home you can live in.

The standard main water line for a house should last for decades. But corrosion, breaks, root infiltration, and other problems can make it necessary to have water line repair or a full water replacement service. This is a big job, and one you’ll need done by skilled plumbers. In Naples, FL and elsewhere in Southwest and Central Florida, turn to Bruno Total Home Performance for main water line service. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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How to Tell You Need Main Water Line Repair

The most obvious sign you have a damaged water line needing repairs is when you lose water to your home entirely. (It could be a municipal problem, so check with your neighbors first before calling for a plumbing contractor.) But you can often detect problems early if you watch for the signs:

  • A drop in water pressure: If the water main is leaking or is blocked, it will cause the water pressure throughout the plumbing in your home to decline.
  • Water discoloration: When you see a rusty discoloration in the fresh water—similar to what you might see when you turn on a faucet after coming back from vacation—it often means a break in the water line allowing soil into the water supply.
  • Damp spots on your property: When the water line breaks, water will rise to the surface of your property. If you notice pools of water on your lawn or garden that isn’t from rain or sprinklers, it might mean a damaged water main.

You May Need Water Line Replacement

Older water mains are constructed from galvanized steel and in some cases cast iron. These materials are common for homes built pre–1970, and unfortunately they are susceptible to corrosion over time. If your home is from this era and hasn’t had work done on its water main, you probably should have plumbers use video pipe inspection equipment to see if the water main needs a replacement. This is one of the biggest jobs you may need for your plumbing, but it’s worth it to avoid huge problems—and when you have skilled professionals on the job it will go fast and effectively.

We Offer Main Water Line Services in Naples, FL

Taking care of your plumbing is a big part of our business, and we always aim to provide the finest customer service along with the best professional plumbing. Bruno Total Home Performance has a team of licensed and insured plumbers who have also gone through our own specialized training at Bruno University. They can handle all the plumbing installations, repairs, and maintenance jobs you may need for your home, including working on your home’s water main. Contact us for service in Naples, FL and the surrounding areas: we’ll arrive promptly and treat your home and property with respect.