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Heat Pump Water Heaters in Naples, FL

The standard tank water heater works by maintaining a steady temperature of a supply of water inside a tank. Either electric heating elements or natural gas jets supply the heat to raise the water’s temperature. Whenever demand for water starts to deplete the supply, the water heater turns on the gas or electricity to heat up more water. Today, there’s another choice for supplying heat to a hot water tank, however, and that’s through the power of a heat pump. For households that lack a connection to a natural gas line, or which don’t wish to use natural gas, using a heat pump water heater is an excellent money-saving alternative.

To find out more about heat pump water heaters for your house in Naples, FL or elsewhere in Central and Southwest Florida, speak to the team at Bruno Total Home Performance. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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How a Heat Pump Water Heater Works

If you’re familiar with the way a heat pump works as a home comfort system, then you’ll already have a good basis for understanding the operation of a heat pump water heater. The basics for people who aren’t familiar with heat pumps: these devices circulate refrigerant between a set of coils, absorbing heat through evaporation in one set, and then releasing it through condensation in the second set of coils.

A heat pump when connected to a water heater uses the same principle. It absorbs heat from the air around the water heater, and then releases the heat into the water tank. It only needs to use electrical power to carry out this operation. The electricity powers the fans and the compressor.

Reasons to Consider a Heat Pump Water Heater

What is the advantage to using a system like this for a water heater? First, it’s a different method of using electricity to heat water compared to a standard electric water heater. The latter type of water heater creates heat through electrical resistance, i.e. running an electric current through a coil to raise its temperature. But a heat pump water heater doesn’t create heat, it only moves already existing heat. This is a more effective method for heating water compared to electrical resistance heating—and it costs much less as well. Another advantage is a heat pump water heater can be integrated into an already existing heat pump system, using one heat pump for both comfort and hot water.

Complete Heat Pump Water Heater Services in Naples, FL

As with any water heater, you only want licensed professionals to take care of servicing it. Along with installing and replacing water heaters, our technicians at Bruno Total Home Performance are experienced with repairing and maintaining current units. We’ll see that your water heater in Naples, FL or the surrounding areas remains in the best shape possible. We want you to enjoy the longest and most effective service life from your water heater as possible.

Depend on us for all your water heater and other plumbing needs. We focus on a great customer experience from the second the experience starts.