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Pool Heaters in Naples, FL

We live in a state that is almost a year-round vacation spot. During the winters, people from frigid northern states flock to us to enjoy balmy temperatures, beautiful beaches, golf, tennis, and more. Going for a swim in a pool during December is a special kind of Florida joy. If you have a swimming pool built for your home, it’s probably one of your most treasured luxury items. Take a dip whenever you want, use it for exercise, or make it the center of a great outdoor party.

To receive the most use from a home pool, we recommend installing a pool heating system. Installation is a job to leave to professionals, and Bruno Total Home Performance has the heating technicians for the job. They know heating systems and they know Florida weather, and that makes them perfect for the task. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition in Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida. Contact us today to arrange for pool heater installation, repairs, or other services.

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Benefits of a Pool Heater

Florida is known as "The Sunshine State" (although there are four states that receive more sunshine than us, we must shamefully admit), so outdoor pools receive plenty of direct heating from the sun’s radiant energy. This is the same power that makes using solar energy such a great option in Florida.

But with so much sun, is there a good reason to have a pool heater to provide extra heat? Well, maybe not extra heat—but the heat necessary to enjoy your pool during evenings (those great parties we mentioned) and during overcast days. And if you have an indoor pool, a pool heater is essential. You want to enjoy your pool as much as possible, and a pool heater helps you do that.

Pool Heater Installation Services

Most pool heaters are powered through natural gas, which is an inexpensive method. To find the right size of pool heater to maintain the pleasant swimming and bathing temperatures you desire, have our heating professionals make the choice. They will calculate the amount of heat lost from the surface of the pool on average and select a water heater capable of replacing it. (This is the method used to determine heater power; it isn’t the volume of the water, it’s the heat loss.) They will then take care of installing the new pool heater so it works just as you want it—and should keep working for many years to come.

Pool Heater Repair and Maintenance in Naples, FL

Because a pool heater is similar to a natural gas boiler in its basic operation, it undergoes similar levels of stress as it works. To ensure continued efficient and dependable operation, it must have regular maintenance the same way a furnace or boiler does. Our heating professionals are glad to do this job, as well as perform whatever pool heater repair you may need.

You can call Bruno Total Home Performance for all your plumbing and heating services in Naples, FL and the surrounding areas. We’re a continually growing company, now with more than 250 employees and 90 trucks on the road.