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Reverse Osmosis Systems in Naples, FL

We are proud to offer excellent water testing and water treatment system services to our customers. We know homeowners want to enjoy fresh water as free of contaminants as possible, and we aim to provide the best water filtration and purification available. There are many methods to improving a home’s water, and one of the most powerful—one we recommend often to customers—is the reverse osmosis system. We’ll explain below more about how this remarkable filtration system works.

Bruno Total Home Performance is a full-service HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractor serving Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition, and we aim to add value to every of our customer relationships. Arrange for water testing with us, and we’ll discover what type of filtration or purification system will deliver your household clean, healthy water.

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The Power of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

A standard water filter is called an adsorption filter. It uses charcoal with small pits along it to trap impurities within the water passing through it. This is often effective for larger pollutants, but it’s a passive system and can miss many smaller waterborne contaminants such as sodium, nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, and more. But a reverse osmosis system takes a more active approach to filtration that targets these minute unwanted contaminants.

A RO system operates by creating two areas of differing pressure. On one side of a semi–porous membrane is the unfiltered water from the water main. This side is placed under high pressure. By the process of osmosis (a high pressure area natural moves to a low pressure area), the unfiltered water is forced through the semi–porous membrane, where it is finely filtered. The particles trapped in the membrane are then flushed away.

RO System Installation and Other Services

You can’t install a whole–house reverse osmosis system yourself. A poor job can mean a badly operating system or one that interferes with water pressure throughout your plumbing. The best step to take is first to contact our professionals for water testing. That way our experts know whether you need an RO system or some other water treatment installation. We’ll install the system and check that it’s doing its job. After that, you can always rely on us for regular maintenance for your water treatment system as well as any repair issues that may crop up. (We recommend annual maintenance, done as part of your regular plumbing maintenance.)

Whole–House Reverse Osmosis Systems in Naples, FL

Bruno Total Home Performance has the experts on staff who know exactly how to keep your family safe and comfortable. When you think you have harmful impurities in your water supply, you can place your trust in our professionals to find out what’s wrong and provide an effective solution. This includes installing reverse osmosis systems, which are among the most powerful of all water treatment systems available. Let us help you have the best home water in Naples, FL or the surrounding areas.