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UV Water Purifiers in Naples, FL

There are many pollutants that may seep down through the soil and enter into the fresh water traveling from the municipal supply to your house. Lead is the one that receives the most attention today, but it’s only one among many. Bacteria and microbes are some of the most harmful water-borne impurities, and they can come from numerous sources in the ground. Because they seep into the water after it leaves the chemical treatment plant, it’s difficult to prevent them from getting into a residential water supply.

But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. You can have bacteria, microbes, and other organic pollutants cleansed from your home’s water with the installation of a UV water purifier. Bruno Total Home Performance handles service for UV water purifiers as well as other water treatment systems in Naples, FL and elsewhere in Central and Southwest Florida. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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How UV Water Treatment Works

You may have heard about UV air purification systems or the use of ultraviolent lights as medical treatment. A UV water purifier works in much the same way: ultraviolet water treatment. UV radiation is harmful to organic tissue; this is why people put on UV sunblock and wear UV shielded sunglasses. Used in a targeted way, ultraviolet radiation is an effective germicidal agent. The wavelengths cause cellular disruption that turns bacteria and microorganisms inert or destroys them immediately.

An ultraviolet water purifier is designed to bathe the water entering your home with UV rays, killing off harmful organic particles. This is a clean way to purify water, since it doesn’t require placing any chemical agents into the water supply the way other anti–bacterial treatments do. The UV lights are not powerful enough to cause harm to any people or pets in your household.

Service for Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

If you have suspicions of bacterial or other contamination in your home’s water, the first step is to arrange with our specialists for water testing. This will inform you of exactly what’s polluting the water supply so you can know how best to treat it. We can install the UV water treatment system if necessary. Our professionals will do a thorough job so you won’t even know the ultraviolent water purifier is at work.

UV water treatment systems require little maintenance and rarely need repairs, but in case anything goes wrong with the ones in your home, you only have to contact us and we’ll take care of fixing it. Your health and comfort is our main priority.

Your Water Treatment Experts in Naples, FL

At Bruno Total Home Performance, we aim to add value to all of our customer relationships. No matter the service you require for clean, safe water in your house, you can trust the job to us. Along with installing ultraviolet water purifiers, we also install and service water filtration systems, reverse osmosis filters, and water softeners. All of our technicians are certified and specially trained to provide you with the finest in customer service, every time. Arrange for your water treatment and other plumbing needs in Naples, FL, with us.