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Water Softener Services in Naples, FL

Have you noticed trouble when building up soap lather in your house, making cleaning and showering more of chore? Are the bright colors in your laundry fading after each wash? Is there a flaky white substance collecting on your fixtures and soapy film across glass and other surfaces? These are all signs of hard water in your plumbing. This is more than an inconvenience: it can mean serious damage to the plumbing system and the appliances connected to it.

The solution to hard water is the installation of a whole-house water softener. This is a job for water treatment and plumbing specialists, and you’ll find the right experts for the work here at Bruno Total Home Performance. We use the finest tools and equipment to get every job done. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition. Contact us for water softener system services in Naples, FL and throughout Southwest and Central Florida.

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The Many Problems with Hard Water

What exactly is "hard water"? It’s water with a higher solution of magnesium and calcium minerals in it. These minerals aren’t harmful to your health to drink, but they are harmful to your plumbing system. When hard water is present in a home’s plumbing system, it leaves unpleasant films across household surfaces and makes it more difficult to create soap suds.

But the biggest trouble hard water presents is the damage it can inflict on plumbing fixtures and pipes. Hard water creates scale inside pipes that will build up until it causes issues with frequent blockage and spikes in water pressure. Scale shortens the lifespan of plumbing appliances and is particularly damaging to water heaters. When you suspect you have hard water, you need to have it remedied as soon as possible.

Water Softener System Installation from Experts

The effective way to solve hard water issues is with a whole–house water softener. This device attaches to where the water main enters the house. As water filters through beads inside the water softener, sodium ions swap places with the hard water minerals. This "softens" the water and makes it safe for the household plumbing. In some cases, a water softener may need to be paired with a reverse osmosis system to prevent too much sodium from entering the water. Look to professionals to handle the installation work so it will be done correctly.

Whole–House Water Softener System Service in Naples, FL

A water softener system should work for many years provided it receives regular professional maintenance to recharge it and keep it clean. A system may need occasional repairs as well. You can look to Bruno Total Home Performance to handle all the necessary water softener system repairs and maintenance, as well as replacement system when you eventually need one.

Our team is trained and experienced with a wide range of water treatment services. Arrange for water testing with us and we’ll find if you require a water softener or other filtration/purification system in Naples, FL. We’re focused on a quality customer experience from the second the service starts.