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Water Testing Services in Naples, FL

Professional water testing is the first step toward home water purification. This is how you find out what impurities are present in your home’s water so you’ll know what type of water treatment system to have installed. We recommend you arrange for testing every few years, if you have moved into a new house, or you’ve detected unusual smells or tastes in your water supply. The presence of heavy corrosion in the plumbing, large agricultural activity nearby, or coal and gas-mining operations in your vicinity are also reasons to have routine professional water testing.

Bruno Total Home Performance is your local choice in Naples, FL and elsewhere in Central and Southwest Florida for water testing and treatment services. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

What Drinking Water Testing Looks For

Water quality testing is a thorough process that begins when trained specialists come to a home and take a representative series of samples from different locations. This water goes to a lab to undergo a series of tests, which in turn provides a report of issues with the water. Here is what these tests look for:

  • Hardness: “Hardness” in water refers to the amount of magnesium and calcium minerals suspended in it. If these levels are high, the house has hard water. Although not harmful to drink, hard water is stressful on plumbing and can ruin appliances such as water heaters if it isn’t counteracted with a water softener.
  • pH levels: This is a test to determine acidity/alkalinity. Low pH means alkalinity, which can cause pitting in plumbing. High pH means acidity, which can trigger corrosion. A good balance is a pH level between 6.5 and 8.5
  • Lead and other heavy metals: Lead is one of the biggest concerns with water quality, since it can have a detrimental effect on brain development in children. There are other harmful heavy metals as well that testing looks for.
  • Coliform bacteria: A harmful type of bacteria sometimes found in water supplies that causes cholera and hepatitis.
  • Chlorides: This is a common byproduct of the municipal water treatment process.
  • Nitrates: A product of agricultural fertilization, nitrates are the source of health threats to both infants and adults.

Although some of this may sound frightening, you’ll be in the best hands when you work with us to find the right water treatment solution in Naples, FL or the surrounding areas.

Well Water Testing Is Essential

We’ve already mentioned that we recommend homeowners have water testing done every few years or if they harbor suspicions of impurities because of strange tastes or cloudiness (turbidity) in the water. However, if you draw your water from a ground well rather than the municipal system, it’s imperative for you to arrange for water testing every year. Ground well water does not pass through a municipal water treatment plant, and numerous chemicals and organic contaminants can enter the well through ground water seepage.

Call our water treatment specialists to arrange for regular well water testing to keep your family protected. Bruno Total Home Performance is here for all your water treatment needs in Naples, FL and the surrounding areas.

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