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HVAC Contractors, Plumbers and Electricians in Bonita Springs, FL

Bruno Total Home Performance
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Are you looking for an HVAC contractor, electrician, or plumber serving Bonita Springs, FL who offers service that goes above and beyond? Bruno Total Home Performance is that contractor! Our customer–focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition. We train our own technicians and emphasize providing the finest customer service: it’s our #1 priority to add value to every one of our customer relationships. We are on–call 24 hours a day to provide repairs and any other emergency service you may need, from electrical fixes and plumbing repairs to restoring an air conditioning system on a hot day.

Looking for Air Conditioning Installation and Other AC Services?

Keeping a home cool is the major comfort concern during the year here in Bonita Springs. You don’t want to struggle through a summer without a dependable AC. Whatever you may need for a reliable air conditioner in your home—a new installation, targeted repairs, regular maintenance, a full replacement—you’ll find it at Bruno Total Home Performance. Along with our extensive air conditioning services, we also provide customized comfort for the Florida weather with our Bruno Signature Series of specially designed air conditioning systems.

AC Repair Offered 24 Hours a Day

Any summer in Florida puts immense strain on an AC and can create problems with mold and corrosion. Our AC technicians are familiar with the many troubles the climate creates for air conditioners, and they can help get your cooling system back to work. We are here around the clock, every day of the year, when you need emergency repairs.

Heat Pump Service and Other Heating Help in Bonita Springs

We understand that keeping a home warm during the mild winter weather in Florida isn’t something you think about that often. But you don’t want to find yourself trapped with an inferior heater (or no heater at all!) when the weather turns too cool. Our Bruno Certified technicians know exactly how to warm up your house while saving energy. You can count on Bruno Total Home Performance for repairs, new installations, replacements, and maintenance for a wide range of different residential heating systems.

Indoor Air Quality Is Vital for Comfort and Health

How is the quality of the air in your home? You might be unpleasantly surprised to find out: many contaminants can build up over the seasons inside a home that’s insulated against the outdoor temperatures. There’s also the trouble in Bonita Springs we have with high humidity. You don’t have to live with stuffy air and pollutants circulating through your house—not when you can call on the IAQ experts here at Bruno Total Home Performance. We can balance humidity and remove airborne contaminants from your home’s air.

Find a Plumber Who Can Handle All Your Plumbing Needs

No other home service tempts more people to go "do–it–yourself" than plumbing. You may be able to handle a few leaky faucets on your own thanks to the wrenches on a tool belt, but you shouldn’t go any further. It’s important to have licensed plumbers on almost all home plumbing jobs. Our Bruno Total Home Performance plumbers understand the complexities of residential plumbing so the work gets done fast, right, and without the worry of causing leaks and further problems. Make us your Bonita Springs plumbing professionals!

Need an Electrician? We Offer Great Electrical Services

As with plumbing, you want to let an experienced professional take care of the electrical services for your home. This is a place where amateur work can turn dangerous because of high voltage shocks and the risk of electrical fires. Never take such chances: at Bruno Total Home Performance, we have electricians who will put your safety first and foremost. All our technicians servicing Bonita Springs are licensed and experienced to deliver the finest work, from basic repairs to installations of surge protectors and more.

Commercial HVAC and Commercial Plumbing in Bonita Springs

You can put your trust in us to see to all the commercial heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, and plumbing work necessary to make your business a continued success. Bruno Total Home Performance rose from small and humble beginnings to become one of the state’s major contractors, and this puts us in the unique position of understanding the HVAC and plumbing needs of businesses of all sizes. We handle commercial service contracts throughout Florida and have more than 90 vans on the road.