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HVAC Contractors, Plumbers and Electricians in Lehigh Acres, FL

Bruno Total Home Performance
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It isn’t easy locating an HVAC contractor, professional plumber, or licensed electrician who meets your high standards. But we can make the job much easier for you. If you live in Lehigh Acres, FL or own/operate a business here, you only have to contact Bruno Total Home Performance.

Our customer–focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University are among the many qualities that set us apart from the competition. You can expect the highest quality customer service from our team along with excellent technical skill and the finest cutting edge equipment. Our #1 priority is adding value to every relationship with our customers.

Let Us See to All Your Air Conditioning Needs

You don’t even have to live in Florida to know how important it is to have a powerful air conditioning system in a house. Life during the summer—as well as many other times of the year—would become miserable without one. Bruno Total Home Performance knows how to keep homes in Lehigh Acres, FL cool with excellent air conditioning services. We not only install many of the finest ACs, we also design our own: the Bruno Signature Series, specially manufactured to handle the weather conditions of Florida.

Contact Us for Prompt and Fast AC Repair

All the work an air conditioner undergoes during the hot and humid middle of the year in Florida can cause a cooling system, even one with excellent regular maintenance, to fail suddenly. Never hesitate to call us when this happens, or when you suspect there may be other problems. The sooner we help, the easier the job will be—and the sooner you’ll enjoy great cooling again.

The Heating Services You Need for Your Heat Pump, Furnace, or Boiler

It doesn’t matter how you heat your home—or plan to heat it. Bruno Total Home Performance is the contractor who can help you in Lehigh Acres, FL. We install the best in electric and gas furnaces, heat pumps, dual fuel systems, and boilers. When your current heating system is on the fritz, you can reach us 24/7 for the repairs that will restore it. We’re also committed to maintaining your heater so that it works for many years with as few problems as possible.

Indoor Air Quality: How We Can Make It Better in Lehigh Acres

"What’s wrong with my indoor air quality?" you ask. The answer is, "Probably a lot more than you realize." Low indoor air quality is an epidemic in homes across the country today, with many harmful chemicals, compounds, and molds creating unhealthy and unpleasant conditions. You don’t have to just "live with" this. Bruno Total Home Performance offers solutions to improve household air quality, balance humidity, and work on the ventilation system for all around better living. Our experts are here to help you to better indoor air quality.

Call a Skilled Plumber When You Have Plumbing Needs

Don’t call on an amateur "handyman," and definitely don’t grab a tool belt and see if you can take on the work, whatever it is, on your own! There are many pitfalls and hazards to inexperienced tampering with a home’s complicated plumbing system. Bruno Total Home Performance has licensed and extensively trained professional plumbers who will get the job done right, done correctly, and without the worry of further plumbing issues. Whatever your home plumbing in Lehigh Acres requires, place your full trust in us.

Call an Experienced Electrician for Any Electrical Service

The same concern with amateur plumbing applies to inexperienced electrical work—except the potential dangers are even higher. Never risk high voltage shocks or electrical fires because of shoddy fiddling with your residential electrical system. Even if it’s something that seems simple to you, such as replacing a light switch or outlet, it requires the service of a licensed professional to do it right and keep your home up to the local electrical code. In Lehigh Acres, FL, Bruno Total Home Performance is the electrical contractor to use.

Commercial Plumbing and Commercial HVAC Are Our Business

And your business is our business! Taking care of its heating, air conditioning, and plumbing, that is. We take our commitment to making your commercial systems work their best extremely seriously. This is part of our commitment to offering the finest in customer service on each and every job. We want to add value to our relationship with you so you’ll want to come back to Bruno Total Home Performance year after year. For your commercial comfort and plumbing needs in Lehigh Acres, FL, there’s only one contractor to call.