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Bruno Total Home Performance
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Were you unhappy with the last service call for your AC or heater? Are you looking for a plumber or electrician who goes a step farther to do the job right? You may find skilled technicians, but when you’re looking for technicians who not only can get the job done right but offer superb customer service, then call Bruno Total Home Performance.

Our customer–focused approach and the thorough service training for our employees at Bruno University set us apart from the competition. We hire service industry veterans and equip them with the best in tools and knowledge. Let us serve your home or business in Punta Gorda, FL.

Professional Air Conditioning Services Keep You Cool

There’s nothing better on a hot day in Punta Gorda, FL than to return to your home and find it kept crisply cool with a powerful central air conditioner. Bruno Total Home Performance wants to help you realize this each day of summer (or any day with high heat) through our professional air conditioning services. It starts with a great AC installation or repair, continues with annual maintenance through our maintenance agreement, and includes fast repairs whenever you need them. Rely on us for cool times!

AC Repair: We Do It Fast and Right

You don’t want to turn to an air conditioning repair contractor who doesn’t keep long hours and whom you can’t trust to show up on time when you need help fast. We, on the other hand, answer our phones 24 hours a day, and if we don’t reach you within a two–hour window, we’ll offer you a free maintenance contract (a tremendous value).

Heating Services for Your Heat Pump, Furnace, Or Other System

Bruno Total Home Performance has a commitment to maintaining our customer’s comfort and safety during all four seasons. And sometimes Punta Gorda encounters cold and rainy days when it’s necessary to have a working heating system. It’s our job to see that you have the right working heater, one that will deliver the warmth you need but without wasting energy. It’s a tricky balancing act, but we have the history and training to get the job done right. We work with boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, and more.

Are You Worried about Low Indoor Air Quality in Punta Gorda?

You probably should. Low indoor air quality inside buildings is a significant health problem across the country. The reason for this is the insulation on buildings to trap heat in cold weather and keep out heat in warm weather also traps air indoors with little opportunity for fresh air. How to solve this dilemma? You can start by contacting Bruno Total Home Performance, where offer many great IAQ solutions for homes, including air duct cleaning, air purification and filtration installation, and radon testing.

A Plumber to Tackle All Your Plumbing Jobs

A professional plumber is the only person you should call on when you have a plumbing service need in your house. It’s wise not to try to make a plumbing job into a DIY adventure—because that adventure might end in water damage and a problem that’s worse than before. Bruno Total Home Performance has trained plumbers ready to assist you, whether it’s a big job such as repiping your home or a small job like fixing a basic water leak. We’re your Punta Gorda plumbing pros!

An Electrician to See to All Your Electrical Services

You need a professional plumber for your plumbing, but it is even more important to have a licensed electrician for your electrical system. There is too great a danger of electrical shocks and fires if you choose to go it alone or allow an inexperienced electrician to do the work. Bruno Total Home Performance wants to keep your home safe, and you can trust that we’ll go the extra distance to protect the health of you and your family in Punta Gorda, FL.

Commercial HVAC & Commercial Plumbing—We Do Both for You

No question about it: taking care of the heating, air conditioning, and plumbing in a commercial building is a big task. An important task. A task you must never leave to any technicians and plumbers except ones with the best training and equipment. The contractor in Punta Gorda who can make your business a success with commercial HVAC and plumbing services is Bruno Total Home Performance. It’s our #1 priority to add value to all our client relationships, and you’ll find we provide that value with every one of our actions.