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3 Plumbing Services to Help Prevent Water Damage

woman-mopping-flood-waterIn terms of sheer destructive capability, water damage can be just as bad as a full-on house fire. It can cause structural collapse, increased humidity in the home, and encourage the growth of unhealthy molds.

At its best, water damage can take the form of leaks, affecting only spots in your home and not entire sections. On the other hand, flooding—whether due to natural causes or a freak plumbing accident—can ruin your home.

Luckily, modern-day plumbing has a few tricks up its sleeve to prevent against these water damage disasters. If you haven’t taken any of these safety measures yet, it might be time to call a plumber in Naples, FL.

Automatic Shut-Off Valves

Automatic shut-off valves are your best line of defense against catastrophic plumbing accidents. As the name suggests, these shut-off valves are automatic, specifically designed to activate if you’re not at home when a plumbing accident occurs.

This device will constantly monitor the pressure in your plumbing system. As soon as the pressure level changes enough to suggest a problem with the plumbing, it will halt the flow of water.

You may be familiar with the shut-off valve already installed in your home, but these valves are only operated manually. When it comes time for a plumbing emergency, you’ll only be able to use it as quickly as you can manage to get to it. This, of course, means disaster if the accident happens when you’re away on vacation or simply at work for the day.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are most useful in defending against structural damage. In states like Florida, they’re most often installed in the crawl space. Installation begins with the “sump,” which is basically a hole dug out for the purpose of collecting flood water. The sump pump itself is then installed inside or above the sump. Once the flood water fills enough of the sump, the sump pump will activate and drain the water somewhere outside of the home.

A sump pump should stop most minor floods from wreaking havoc across vulnerable areas of your home. They’re perfect for use against rainstorms and flash floods.


At some point, the pipes in your home will have to be replaced. When a homeowner realizes it’s time for repiping, it’s often because they’ve noticed several leaks springing around their home. The combined leaking of your pipes might not necessarily warrant the need for an automatic shut-off valve, but the damage they can cause is undeniable. Most leaks don’t make themselves apparent until after they’ve caused significant water damage, mold growth, or increased water bills.

Why the sudden leaks? This is most likely due to corrosion in your pipes. When hard water has built up too many minerals in your pipes, they’ll start to corrode and eventually spring pinhole leaks. It’s not uncommon for corrosion to affect multiple sections of pipe, causing leaks around the home. At this point, fixing the leaks individually will only prolong the risk of damages to your home, and repiping becomes the best option.

Ready to fight back against water damage? Contact Bruno Total Home Performance today!

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