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Home Theater Systems in Naples, FL

The earliest “home theater” systems were clumsy projection televisions that took up an enormous amount of space in a house, featured blurry color images from three overlapping lenses, and had crude sound equipment. It wasn’t much of a “theater” experience at all. Today however, with 4K HD television screens, advanced digital projectors, and 7.1 surround lossless DTS sound systems, a home can achieve something so close to a true theater that it practically makes its own popcorn.

Setting up a great home theater installation is easier said than done, however. If you want a fantastic home theater set-up, you may be in for long hours of trying to wire it up—and still have a subpar system at the end. You can call on Bruno Total Home Performance instead and have our wiring electricians handle it. We’ll provide you with the home theater installation, including flat screen TV installation, that you’ve always dreamed of. We’re a customer-friendly contractor serving Naples, FL and the surrounding areas: or customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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Flat Screen TV Installation

Television monitors have now entered the next stage, with large 4K televisions that can deliver the same resolution as a digital theater projection system. And because the cathode ray tube TV is long gone, these new televisions are flat and take up hardly any space. The tricky part is having them installed flush against the wall. If you want this job done right, let our electricians do it. They’ll pass the wiring for the television and the speaker system through the wall, leaving your living space looking beautiful. Make this job easy and rely on our professionals.

Complete Home Theater Installation

If you want the full home theater set–up done so there are no wires spread over the floor or ruining the appearance of your living room or other space, we can handle this job as well. We will take the components of a home theater system—the television, the Blu–ray player, the streaming device, the video game console, the cable box, the satellite receiver, the audio receiver, the speakers, and any other peripherals—and cleanly and attractively wire them together. The result will be a seamless experience that allows you and your family to concentrate on the entertainment, not how it is wired together.

Home Theater Repair Services in Naples, FL

A set–up as complicated as a home theater installation is prone to encounter problems at some point, no matter how well it was done in the first place. Our technicians are licensed electricians who are familiar will all types of rewiring and wiring repair jobs, and they can apply these skills to any home theater repair you may require. Simply call them, and they’ll arrive within two hours to get to work.

Bruno Total Home Performance is your source for electrical services in Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida. From flat screen TV installation to complex rewiring jobs and beyond, you can rely on all our Bruno–certified technicians. It’s our goal to add value to each of our customer relationships.