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Home Heating Services in Naples, FL and the Surrounding Areas

When people think of “heat” in Florida, they are usually thinking of the year-round weather conditions. Florida doesn’t experience harsh winters, and this makes it too easy for residents to ignore the need for regular service for their home’s heating systems—if they’ve remembered to have a heating system installed at all! This neglect can lead to serious comfort and health troubles when those cold and rainy days do arrive.

Don’t be caught without the off-season comfort necessary for pleasant Florida living. All it takes is working with Bruno Total Home Performance and our specially trained HVAC technicians. We provide comprehensive home heater services throughout Naples, FL and Central and Southwest Florida. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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Heating System Installations from Professionals

There are many types of heating systems currently on the market, and it can feel overwhelming when you’re attempting to choose one for a new installation or replacement. Our Bruno University–licensed technicians will help you find the ideal unit from these and more:

  • Furnaces: The most popular type of heater for homes. We can install both electrical and natural gas units.
  • Boilers: An excellent alternative to forced–air heating, boilers have long lifespans and energy–saving performance.
  • Heat pumps: These are two–in–one units that work as both an air conditioner and heater.
  • Dual fuel systems: A variation of heat pump that uses a back–up secondary heater (usually a furnace) for dependable performance.

Keeping Your Heating System Energy Efficient with Maintenance

A major service we provide for heating systems is regular maintenance. A heating system can go for a long time without any form of maintenance, but this creates the illusion that they don’t need routine service. A neglected heating system will lead to numerous problems and inferior energy efficiency. Here are some of the benefits when you schedule annual maintenance for your heater:

  • Energy savings: Data from the U.S. Department of Energy shows that 25%–40% of energy in HVAC systems goes to waste—and most of that comes from wear due to neglect. You’ll recover most of this lost energy thanks to regular maintenance.
  • Improved indoor air quality: When a system goes unmaintained for long, it loses the ability to improve indoor air quality. Timed inspections and tune–ups clean and remove dirt and dust that lead to drops in air quality.
  • Fewer repairs: Discovering problems in a heater early allows you to fix them before they turn into many larger problems. Regular check–ups reduce the overall need for seasonal repairs.
  • Longer lifespan: Heating systems can last between 10 to 20 years depending on the type. Thanks to maintenance, you can expect an extra five years of life from your system on top of its regular service life.

The Heating Contractor to Rely on in Naples, FL

Although you’ll have fewer heating worries in Naples, FL during the year compared to cooling worries, turning to a professional heating contractor can reduce those worries to almost zero. Stay mindful of your residential heating system and let our technicians at Bruno Total Home Performance take on the job of seeing you have a dependable furnace, boiler, or other heater type.

We offer the best maintenance programs to keep home heating systems working. Contact us today to arrange for maintenance or other heating services to ensure great comfort all around the year.