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Furnace Services in Naples, FL

The backbone of home heating across the country, whether in the cold climate of Alaska or here in the tropical conditions of Florida, is the furnace. Almost everyone at one time or another has lived in a home that receives its heating from a furnace. You probably live in one at the moment. Furnaces are powerful, reliable, and come in different models to fit almost any house.

Something else important about furnaces: only trained HVAC technicians are qualified to work on them, whether it’s a full installation or a basic repair. This applies to both natural gas furnaces and electric furnaces. For your home furnace needs in Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida, you can trust the experienced team at Bruno Total Home Performance. Our licensed technicians trained at our Bruno University and our customer-focused approach set us apart from the competition.

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Choosing a Furnace Installation: Gas vs. Electric

Modern furnaces run off a variety of energy sources, such as oil and propane. But the two most common and the ones we recommend, are natural gas furnaces and electric furnaces. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

  • Gas furnaces: The commonest furnace type, natural gas furnaces are among the most powerful heating systems available for homes. They also lower energy costs compared to electrical systems because natural gas is a less expensive fuel source than electricity. However, a house in Florida may not need the full gas furnace power, and there are homeowners who are concerned about potential hazards from gas combustion.
  • Electric furnaces: An electric furnace is a more costly system to run, but it may be a more suitable match to homes that don’t rely on heating frequently. An electric furnace is also less expensive to install up front and can last for longer than a gas furnace.

The best way to find the ideal furnace for your home is to let our experts help you make the choice. Call on us early in the installation process so we can find the right type and size of furnace for you.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance

A furnace, no matter its fuel type, contains a large number of moving parts that wear down over time. Thanks to proper maintenance from professionals, however, this stress will take much longer to affect the system. Signing one of our maintenance agreements will give your furnace a long lifespan with higher efficiency and fewer repair needs.

You cannot avoid all repair issues with a furnace, no matter how well it is maintained. When a malfunction affects your furnace, you can call us any time of the day or night to have it fixed.

Excellent Furnace Services from Naples, FL Professionals

All our technicians at Bruno Total Home Performance understand what it takes to keep your family safe, healthy, and comfortable. When you turn to us for your furnace services in Naples, FL or elsewhere, you’ll receive work from a customer–focused team looking to add value to the all the services they provide. On each job, they’ll do everything to see that the furnace keeping your family warm during our cold spells works the way it should and will continue to do so for many years.