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Water Filtration Systems in Naples, FL

Do you have concerns about the presence of impurities in your home’s water supply, such as chlorine? Does your water taste funny, or give off an unpleasant odor? Then you should look into having a water filtration system installed. And not simply a filtered pitcher or a few point-of-use filters attached to the faucets. For the most effective water purification, you want professionals to install a whole-house water filtration system. This way all the taps, all the appliances, receive water with the harmful particles removed.

Finding the right type and power of filters can be difficult—but not when you trust to the work to licensed plumbers and experienced water treatment specialists. Bruno Total Home Performance offers complete water testing and whole-house water filter service in Naples, FL and throughout Southwest and Central Florida. You can place your full confidence in us: our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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Carbon Adsorption Home Water Filtration Systems

The most common type of whole–house water filters for residential use is the carbon adsorption filter. These filters are effective at removing chlorine as well as unpleasant smells and tastes. However, they are not useful against heavy metals and hard water minerals, which usually requires reverse osmosis filters and water softeners.

Carbon adsorption uses a filter of carbon filled with millions of tiny pores that creating a large surface area. These millions of nooks trap particles as water passes over them. This will effectively clean incoming water of numerous impurities, but the filter will decline in usefulness as the pores are filled in. Regular maintenance to renew the carbon is necessary for the filter to continue to work.

Water Testing and Finding the Ideal Whole–House Water Filters

Although a carbon adsorption filter is one of the best options available for filtration, it isn’t the only one—and it may not do the complete job you require for clean water. Also, if you try to put in a filter on your own, you may end up clogging your own water supply and lowering water pressure.

To find out how to best filter and purify your water, get in touch with our specialists for water testing. We’ll provide you with a full breakdown of the impurities affecting your potable water, and we can then go from there finding how to remove them. You may need water filters, or perhaps a powerful reverse osmosis system or a water softener. If there are any bacterial problems in your water, we’ll recommend a UV water purifier.

Water Treatment Specialists in Naples, FL

You and your family deserve to have clean, contaminant–free water to drink, bathe in, and cook with in your house. It’s our job to see that you receive it thanks to our water testing and range of water treatment systems. If you need whole–house water filtration, we’ll see you have the right type, and we’ll provide the regular service necessary to ensure these whole–house water filters continue to do their job. Our team of professionals in Naples, FL is dedicated to providing your household with safety and comfort.