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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in Naples, FL

The heat in Naples, FL can reach extreme levels during the summer. But the temperatures don’t have to rise too high before they become unbearable—and that’s not the fault of the heat, but the humidity. Florida is one of the most humid spots in the U.S., and dealing with uncomfortable summer weather is as much about beating the humidity as it is about beating the heat. A whole-house dehumidifier is the best protection from damp hot days.

There are times when low humidity can become an issue as well, and this is why Bruno Total Home Performance works with whole-house humidifiers as well. Let us take care of creating the right balance of relative humidity in your home, and you’ll enjoy better comfort and health throughout the year. We’re a trusted local HVAC contractor, and our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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How the Best Dehumidifier Can Help You

A whole–house dehumidifier is an appliance integrated into the HVAC system of a home that works in conjunction with the air conditioner. An AC has some dehumidifying properties since its refrigerant coil draws moisture from the air at the same time it draws heat. But an AC isn’t effective for handling the intense humidity levels of Naples, FL. You’ll need a dedicated dehumidifier. A whole–house dehumidifier removes heat and moisture from the air in the HVAC system, without interfering with the air conditioner’s operation.

The best dehumidifier in a house will improve comfort tremendously. On most days, balanced humidity (between 30% and 50%) will make the air feel as if it were 8° to 10°F cooler. This will also translate into lower costs to run the air conditioner. Controlled humidity also helps to prevent water damage to construction material and stops the growth of mold and mildew.

What about the Best Humidifier?

Low humidity isn’t talked about as much in Florida, but it’s something that can happen during cooler parts of the year. When relative humidity dips below 30%, it will add a chilly edge to the air. It also encourages the faster spread of cold and other illnesses because it causes membranes and sinuses to dry up and remove an important defense against viruses and germs. Finally, dry air leads to cracking wood and peeling paint, as well as skin and throat irritation. A professionally installed whole–house humidifier can prevent all these problems with low humidity.

Dehumidifier Repair and Other Services in Naples, FL

Bruno Total Home Performance can take care of installing the dehumidifier and humidifier units necessary to balance the moisture levels in your home for a pleasant and healthy environment. But we want to see that your humidity control continues season after season. We provide the humidifier and dehumidifier repair that may be necessary at times to get them back to work. We can also maintain the units as part of HVAC maintenance.

We offer service to Southwest and Central Florida, and it’s our goal to see that all our customers stay healthy and comfortable in their homes. Our #1 goal is adding value to our relationship with our customers.