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Duct Repair and Replacement in Naples, FL

The network of ducts found in many homes is a necessary part of a working ventilation system. These ducts route air from the air conditioner and heater to the different rooms. In order to maintain proper air pressure levels and heating/cooling capacity, the ducts must have airtight sealing along their length. Unfortunately, the ductwork in homes is often damaged and allowing air to escape. The resulting effect on airflow can mean poor HVAC performance, uneven comfort, and a plunge in efficiency.

Correcting these problems is simple: contact our HVAC experts at Bruno Total Home Performance in Naples, FL. We have the training and tools necessary for effective duct repair and replacement services. We’ll test your ductwork and find out exactly what it needs in order be restored to airtight shape, whether simple sealing or replacing entire sections. You can depend on us: our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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How Poor Ductwork Affects Airflow in a Home

To understand why your home may require duct repair or replacement, it helps to know why damaged ductwork creates such problems in the first place. The main reason is that leaking and ineffective ducts lower airflow—and this creates many different problems.

Inadequate airflow causes a drop in total capacity, a loss in efficiency, and a decline in system reliability (this is because of refrigerant flood back to the compressor and distorted system feedback to the servicer). A 1996 study by the Arizona Public Service Co. looked into airflow issues in newly constructed homes in Phoenix. It found that:

  • Airflow in 14% of tested homes was 90% of nominal airflow.
  • Almost 40% of homes tested at 80% of nominal airflow.
  • 14% of homes tested at 70% airflow.
  • 7% tested at 60% of nominal airflow.

The ramifications of this were revealed by Texas A&M University study, which showed that a 25% reduction in airflow causes at least a 7.5% reduction in cooling capacity and an overall 4.2% reduction in efficiency.

If your house suffers from one of these airflow drops, it comes at a steep price. You’ll lose air you’ve paid to heat and cool, encounter comfort problems, and likely run into early malfunctions with your air conditioner and heater. Once airflow drops below 90%, the ductwork will require repairs.

We Offer Excellent Duct Repair and Replacement Service in Naples, FL

Although the tests done in Phoenix don’t necessarily mean homes everywhere suffer from identical problems, these numbers probably reflect the average through the country, including right here in Naples, FL. If around 40% of homes need ductwork repairs, there’s a good chance your home is one of them. The best way to find out is to first arrange for duct testing services with our professionals. The tests will tell them how much airflow capacity has been lost and whether it means you need repairs. No matter what duct service you need after this, you can count on our experienced technicians to get it done right.

Bruno Total Home Performance offers service in Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida. We take pride in our cutting edge technology and commitment to superb customer service.