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Electrical Panels in Naples, FL

At the heart of a home’s electrical system is the electrical panel, also known as the circuit breaker panel or breaker box. This component of the electrical system divides the incoming electrical current to the various circuits, and the breakers are designed to flip and cut off the voltage in case of a power surge. An updated and maintained electrical panel is essential for a modern home. Unfortunately, many have out-of-date panels (possibly even an old-fashioned fuse box) or one in need of repairs.

Don’t try to work on your home’s electrical box on your own! You must have licensed electricians to handle the task so your home remains current with the local electrical code—and remains safe. Bruno Total Home Performance is the local electrical contractor in Naples, FL who can take care of any service you may need to replace the circuit breaker box or repair it. Our customer-focused approach and thorough service training at Bruno University set us apart from the competition.

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Do You Need to Replace the Circuit Breaker Box?

A difficulty homes have today is the speed at which electrical power demands advance. A home that’s only twenty years old can already have an electrical box that is incapable of handling the power load placed on it because of the increasing number of appliances drawing on the electrical system. If your home is more than 15 years old and still has its original circuit breaker panel, we recommend you contact our licensed electricians for an inspection and recommendations on whether to put in a new one.

If your home still uses a fuse box rather than a modern breaker box, don’t wait: call us right away. Fuse boxes can present major fire hazards when they attempt to handle modern electrical loads.

Warning Signs You Need Circuit Breaker Panel Service

Even if you have an upgraded electrical panel capable of taking care of day–to–day needs in your home, it can still suffer from malfunctions that require electricians repair it. There are a few warnings to watch for that the breaker needs repair work:

  • Breakers are tripping too often. This might indicate trouble with one of your home’s appliances, but when it continues to occur it’s wise to have electricians investigate the panel itself.
  • Charring and scorching marks. Electrical fires can occur in the panel and not give off immediate signs. If you go to reset a tripped breaker and notice charring marks on the panel, call for repairs.
  • Acrid electrical burning smells from the box. Here’s another serious warning of electrical fires happening in the electrical box.

Trust Us for Full Electrical Panel Service in Naples, FL

As we mentioned before, you only want to entrust electrical work on a circuit breaker box to a licensed electrician. It’s a matter of getting the job done right and keeping your home safe from electrical fires. At Bruno Total Home Performance, we know how to keep you and your family safe, and each of our Bruno–certified technicians is dedicated to delivering the best customer service possible on each job. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of the best practices in the industry and the best technology. Make us your choice for all electrical services in Naples, FL and throughout Central and Southwest Florida.